The digital alternate occasion brings suppliers and TRSA members collectively


In consultation with its Supplier Partner Council, TRSA is organizing a virtual Live Innovation Showcase & Exchange from June 14th to 18th. The showcase enables TRSA's supplier partners to showcase their company's innovative products and solutions to the operators of TRSA, who are responsible for the delivery, laundry and maintenance of nearly 90% of the North American linen, uniform and facility services industries worth 40 billion US dollars are responsible. As with previous TRSA exchanges, attendees can schedule follow-up meetings later in the week.

After the most recent stock exchanges, both operators and supplier partners were satisfied with the time and resources required. Jim Vaudreuil, President and CEO of Huebsch Services, reported happily on "several new improvement projects that were in motion as a result of the meetings". Scott Delin, vice president of health care sales for the Superior Group of Companies, found the exchange sessions to be very productive. "They gave us the opportunity to meet one-on-one with laundry operators with whom we currently have very little or nothing to do," said Delin. "The time allotted for each meeting allowed us to learn more about their needs and how we as a supplier can help them grow their business and work with them in the future."

Participating supplier partners will have the opportunity to have a five-minute recorded meeting (video or presentation) on Monday and Tuesday, followed by scheduled 15-minute meetings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, including products and services from these categories:

· Chemicals

· Drying / finishing

· Facility Services

· Ironing machines / folders

· Bed linen / other reusable textiles

· Material handling / sorting

· Mats / dust control

Other (clothes hangers / advice / recycling / etc.)

· Software

· Tunnel washing systems

Uniforms / work clothes / PPE, including clothing for health care (clothes / scrubs / PPE)

· Vehicles

· Wash extractors / wash cycle

· Water treatment, reuse and recycling

Members of the TRSA operator register to watch the various sessions June 14-15 and then attend the 15-minute pre-scheduled exchange meetings with supplier partners, which include personalized preparation and solution-based discussions from Wednesday, June 16 June, allow until Friday June 18th. After the event, all presentations by the supplier partners can be viewed in the TRSA on-demand learning center.

Registration for supplier partners is now open until April 2nd. Registration for operator members will open on April 2nd. Further details on the TRSA Innovation Showcase & Exchange can be found on the TRSA website at

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