Backpacker's Information to Transportable An infection Management in Giant Rooms


With the new Taski BP15 sprayer from Diversey, cleaning teams can disinfect large areas quickly, easily and effectively in order to ensure the highest level of infection protection, according to the company. The backpack design and portability of the sprayer make it ideal for disinfecting almost any location, including hard to reach areas and other places where traditional tools are difficult to use.

The backpack design of the Taski BP15 sprayer makes it a highly adaptable, portable and practical disinfection tool for current and future challenges. It is easy to use and has an ergonomic design that is lightweight, comfortable and practical.

The sprayer is battery operated for complete mobility and autonomy. The powerful lithium-ion battery of the latest generation (Li-Ion) offers extended runtimes of up to four hours between charging processes. This is much longer than comparable models with conventional units. Users can go anytime, anywhere to ensure that each area is sanitized when needed.

Using a battery-powered machine eliminates the need for power cords that limit mobility and pose a potential tripping hazard. The battery can be charged quickly or swapped for a fully charged device to avoid delays. It is compatible with the global CAS cordless battery system, which means it is interchangeable with many other electrically powered tools.

The spray nozzle is adjustable to allow precise alignment and orientation of the disinfectant for maximum efficiency and surface coverage with minimal waste. Two nozzles are included depending on the needs of the application, allowing users to choose between a mist (60 microns) and small droplets (200 microns).

The BP15 sprayer is made in Switzerland from high quality, durable components and materials to ensure reliability, optimal performance and a long service life. The spray lance is made of stainless steel, is easy to clean, and is corrosion resistant so it can be used with most disinfectants and other chemicals.

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