Calm and clear-thinking drinks are delivered to market in Coles

Ārepa, a new functional drink on the block, is officially available in 200 Coles stores across Australia.

Formulated by an Australian neuroscientist, it is designed to keep consumers thinking calmly and clearly in moments of pressure and stress.

The functional drinks from Ārepa offer a caffeine-free, plant-based and healthy alternative to improve mental clarity.

Its formula Heroes Neuroberry – a unique variety of black currant – that claims to have exceptional properties that underpin its effects as a mood and cognitive enhancer.

Ārepa's 300ml Performance MSRPs are $ 6.99 and the Lite & Sparkling MSRPs are $ 5.99.

"At Ārepa, our main focus is that our brain drinks deliver a noticeable and positive felt effect of mental clarity, which is underpinned by the world's leading neuroscience," says Angus Brown, founder of Ārepa.

“That's why we've had so much success in New Zealand and Asia. Our customers can feel the benefits. I'm very excited to introduce Australian consumers to what I believe is one of the smartest beverages in the world and to continue our research with a leading Australian neuroscientist at the helm. "

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