Mini bites meet cheese

Charlie's Fine Food Co. says "Cheese!" in its newest range.

The team launched Charlie & # 39; s Fine Food Co. – Mini Cheese Bites, including three flavors that are great for entertaining plates.

It is made from 20% Australian cheese.

"Mini Cheese Bites are more than just cookies," says Charlie's founder Jacky Magid.

"They are crispy, mouth-melting bites of cheesy deliciousness.

"They're worth having to hand in the pantry when diners drop by for a bubble glass, wine, or beer.

"Charlie's Mini Cheese Bites can be eaten with a scoop of dip, a piece of cheese, or spices. You can even eat them on their own."

The three flavors include three types of cheese; Cheddar & rosemary; and parmesan and tomato.

“All of our products are made from high quality ingredients. The new Mini Cheese Bites range is based on our 25-year history in which we have made really delicious products with high-quality ingredients, ”adds Ms. Magid.

Charlie's Mini Cheese Bites are now available in Woolworths stores nationwide. Visit for more information.

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