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The market may be calm right now, but exciting things have happened behind the scenes at Ideal Manufacturing. A new website, recognition of the company's research and development work, a government sponsored innovation grant, and ISO recertification were just some of the highlights achieved while the company and its employees teamed up with most of the professional Textile care industries had lockdown and associated deprivations.

Ideal's new website is lively, informative and very easy to navigate. This is exemplary in terms of product information, useful advice, and matching the right chemicals to the job.

Regarding the recertification of the ISO, Managing Director Phillip Kalli said: “The ISO 14001 standard is a big thing for us here at Ideal. That means we are all absolutely thrilled to have been recertified for 2021 after a fairly intense exam in a turbulent year for our industry, and we don't mind admitting it – quite a stressful year for our company. The passion, commitment and determination of our team to achieve recertification made us very proud. This means something for a small, independent, family-run manufacturer like us and we know it always pays to put extra effort into making things better. "

In the Ideal laboratory, Kalli said: “As a young pioneer, development chemist Vicky Lovegrove rightly made it into the top 100 cohort of the manufacturer for 2020 for her brilliant research and development work at Ideal last year. Also to bring calm, order, efficiency, good humor and your own North Warwickshire brand of no-nonsense to the laboratory in these crazy times. Congratulations from the entire Ideal-Team Vicky. "

Kalli is also excited to hear that Innovate UK is awarding a de minimis grant through UK Research and Innovation Ideal Manufacturing for “an exciting innovation project amid an unprecedented and incredible response from the innovation community to 8,600 applications – the highest number ever Has . That's pretty great ".

"We know there are a lot of hyperbolic claims going on right now, some of which we just can't get out of and some of which are frankly outrageous and baseless. So we wanted to put real science into action and promote our ambitions to be the most responsible linen supplier – and cleaning products that we can possibly be.

“So we decided to take part in a government sponsored competition … Business Driven Innovation in Response to Global Disruptions. The aim of this competition was to help British companies focus on emerging or increasing needs of society or industry during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The response has exceeded expectations, especially in such difficult times. "

Last November, Ideal's factory staff installed energy efficient LED lighting in the factory's liquid production area at headquarters, saving nearly 2,500 kg of CO2 annually based on UK LED calculations (compared to old-fashioned fluorescent tubes).

This follows the company's switch to Bulb (the renewable energy provider), which offsets around 26 tons of CO2 emissions in the first year.

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