four the reason why a digital magic present is ideal for company teams

If you want to keep your remote teams connected and engaged, you need to provide them with innovative team building opportunities that keep everyone involved. You need to provide them with a virtual magic show. It's the perfect event to get even the most under-engaged employees to invest in. It's unique, interesting, carefree, and exactly what your team needs in these uncertain times. While corporate team building activities are designed to help your employees and colleagues learn how to work together in a fun and engaging way, they don't always deliver the results you want. Many employees feel pressured to attend such events and instead of actively participating, they simply follow the instructions and mindlessly wait for the evening to be over.

Building team spirit and building a strong corporate culture through activities like storytelling, karaoke night, and scavenger hunt is difficult enough. And in times of pandemic and social isolation, things get even more difficult. The best solution is to add some magic to your team building! Check out what a simple zoom magic show can give you.

1. It is an interactive event

The main reason many corporate team building events fail is because they are scripted. Typically, you have an organizer telling staff what, how, and when to do. At the very least, you have instruction cards that team members need to follow. It doesn't leave much room for improvisation and doesn't allow employees to interact freely and naturally. Magic shows are the exact opposite of these scripted events. Interactivity is at the heart of every magic show, whether online or offline. For a trick or mind game to be effective and surprising, the magician needs to communicate directly with his audience and receive feedback. You have to involve the audience; You need a back and forth, a natural flow of communication. So you speak directly to your employees. You will target specific virtual participants, get them talking, and participate no matter how shy or withdrawn they are. With a magic show, you get an interactive event that involves everyone.

2. It attracts attention and encourages engagement

A skeptic and a believer alike – everyone loves a good magic show. Even a simple card trick can be mind-boggling if done right. When the wizard can read your mind across the screen or give you accurate predictions thousands of miles away, it's an entirely different experience that successfully brings your team together. It's all about finding the right wizard. You don't want to see a fake rabbit from the hat tricks or cheap Amazon wand flowers. They want real magic and an extremely immersive show that can only get your attention. A great magician will make you believe that anything is possible. They will restore your confidence in the magic, provide comedic relief, and give you an event that your entire company will be talking about for the months to come. Most importantly, they are the charismatic connector that is so important to the success of a team building activity.

3. It builds the corporate culture

During the best virtual magic shows, your team will have the opportunity to discuss the event among themselves. Most often, everyone has about 15 to 30 minutes to chat and get comfortable before the wizard joins the meeting, and about 15 to 30 minutes to share impressions after the wizard leaves. While these conversations aren't as useful as chats chatting with water coolers for building company culture, they're the best alternative for remote teams. Everyone will be full of impressions to discuss with others, and nothing will bring your team together like trying to figure out a particular magic trick or mind reading trick.

4 reasons why a virtual magic show is perfect for corporate groups - virtual

4. It's carefree fun

During the pandemic, when everyone is trying to stay safe and socially isolated, lifting everyone's spirits and helping them reduce stress can be a challenge. After all, your employees not only worry about their health, but also about their relatives, the economy, the lack of socialization, school attendance and feel under immense pressure. Casual corporate gatherings can help ease tension, but conversations tend to turn to the pandemic and other related issues fairly quickly. The best way to relieve stress and help cheer your co-workers up is to offer a haunting distraction like a magic show. It's light-hearted fun that will distract everyone from their worries, at least for a short time. Your employees will laugh and enjoy and get together like never before.

Final thoughts

Virtual magic shows have a lot to offer your entire business. Regardless of the size of your teams and the current distance, they can come together and get front row seats for an unforgettable event. It's the best team building event you can organize during these tough times.

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