three panorama errors that you need to completely keep away from

Landscaping can be deceptively complex and a very difficult task to do by yourself. Even if you have a lot of experience with DIY projects, landscaping is a whole other beast. You need to know exactly how plants grow and what they need to thrive and survive. In addition to this, you also need to know about things like irrigation, which is a science in itself.

If you are thinking of doing landscaping yourself or hiring someone there are a few mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

Treat a sloping landscape like any other landscape

A sloping landscape requires special care, especially when it comes to drainage. You also want to ensure stability. This is where things like retaining walls can come in handy when you have very steep slopes and hills. If you don't plant and plan carefully, water can build up and turn your yard into a mess while drowning your plants and lawn. We also encourage you to look for the best materials for your garden and the plants that will allow you to anchor the landscape.

Neglect shrub and hedge trimmings

It's heartbreaking to see a bunch of forsythia bushes go to waste because the owners don't care about them when you know how beautiful they can be with a little love. This may be because you are not sure when is the best time to prune. If you do it too early, you could end up cutting the buds and not getting those fabulous blooms in spring. So, before installing, make sure you know how to properly handle them.

3 landscape mistakes you should absolutely avoid - landscape

You'll also want to take care of hedges and make sure you trim them frequently. You don't want any of the shrubs in your hedge to become a rogue or it will spoil the appearance. Also, make sure to look for any weeds or small trees that are popping through your hedge. Maple samaras can get stuck in your hedge, begin to germinate, and then take root. If you don't remove them early on, they can secure a spot and are difficult to remove without uprooting your shrubs.

Go to niche

If your goal was to add value to your home, then think twice about adding elaborate features like water features. You might think everyone would love to have an 18th century-inspired water fountain in their garden or a fancy koi pond, but this might actually put off many potential buyers. For one, many will view it as a maintenance nightmare. Nor do they know what their idea of ​​a perfect landscape is. This is one of the most personal areas for many buyers so you'll want to let them imagine building the space. So if your goal was to eventually sell, try to be conservative.

These are all examples of mistakes too many people make in their landscaping. Take your time and plan and work with a professional when it feels like you are above your head.

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