Utilized silver disinfection expertise shines on the Miami Resort


Applied Silver and the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort have announced a partnership to launch a breakthrough fabric treatment program to antimicrobial all washable fabrics on the property. The program has been very successful in health care facilities and sports teams and has now been expanded to include hospitality.

Applied Silver Inc has developed the first high-tech product of its kind, SilvaClean®, the only EPA-registered technology that makes all washed fabrics anti-microbial after washing. The company has now announced a partnership with the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, a premier beachfront resort and luxury spa in Miami Beach, to launch a groundbreaking laundry care program and establish a new standard of cleanliness for the hospitality industry. The Carillon Miami is the first resort in the world to introduce SilvaClean into its cleaning protocols.

The intelligent IoT platform seamlessly infuses textiles with silver ions during the final rinse cycle of the laundry. Once the laundry has been treated with the technology, it becomes active and continuously kills harmful pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew that come in contact with the fabrics, protecting the user from the risk of infection. The Carillon Miami will use SilvaClean to clean washable soft surfaces, the resort's washable uniforms, and other items such as spa robes, towels, and restaurant linens.

"Given the current climate, Carillon Miami has invested in cutting-edge technology throughout the resort to ensure our guests receive the utmost care on the property," said Tammy Pahel, vice president of spa and wellness activities at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. "We are proud to partner with Applied Silver to be the first resort to add SilvaClean to our housekeeping service and to use revolutionary technology on all linens and linens as we prepare our accommodations for guests' arrival and throughout their stay."

"Holistic approaches to wellness are of paramount importance now and in the future to public health wellbeing," said Dr. Priya Balachandran, Chief Operating Officer at Applied Silver. “The unique ability of SilvaClean to address soft surfaces in close contact with guests and employees changes the hospitality experience. SilvaClean is an invisible technology that fights the invisible enemy, pathogens that act in our environment. We are excited to announce our partnership with Carillon Miami and further expand their leadership in the health and wellness space. "

The science behind SilvaClean is the broad spectrum antimicrobial properties of silver. Silver has been used in both medical applications (sutures, dental fillings, etc.) and in private households (silver cups) since ancient times. Applied Silver has advanced this science for current enterprise applications and plans to make the technology available to all consumers in the near future. Recently, the Wilson School of Textiles in the US state of NC found that textiles treated with SilvaClean outperformed fabrics woven with antimicrobial fibers such as silver thread.

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