TSA: "Tomorrow will likely be a very good day"

United Kingdom

David Stevens, CEO of the Textile Services Association (TSA), started his latest member update with an upbeat, saying, “Time doesn't go by when you're on a lockdown. It's definitely been a long January but let's take February out of circulation and I really believe we will feel better.

“The success of the vaccination program should certainly lead to a return to normal in the spring, and I am sure that the Chancellor will definitely want to take this into account in the March budget. He seems to have gotten very calm lately. "

Stevens promises to continue the “drip-and-drip approach” and get the message across at every opportunity.

In other news from the association, the media is in the spotlight of the TSA. Stevens told members, “CNN is doing an article on Unsung Heroes and we hope to have a health care laundry facility. BBC Belfast also wants to contribute to the laundry industry, and even Panorama is running a program that looks at insulation garments and asks why almost everything is still available. As mentioned in the introduction, we just have to keep going and take every opportunity to make our industry stand out. “He is also campaigning for laundry workers to be included in the second phase vaccination program and has written to the minister to remind him of this.

"After the sad news of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore, let us continue with his wise words and hope that tomorrow will be a good day," said Stevens.

• The new TSA membership package for 2021 has been sent out and any laundries who want to join or learn more about TSA can visit it Here.

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