Massive backyard hacks for 2021

As we approach 2021 and hopefully see the end of the pandemic, we can all return to some form of normalcy. If you want to spend time improving your exterior living space, here are some cool ideas.

artificial grass

Like most things, artificial turf has gotten better, to the point where you can choose between a sports field grass or a golf green, slick finish. Once you've replaced your lawn with artificial turf, you can sell this lawn mower that takes up too much space and your lawn area always looks just right. You may have a quiet corner that can be turned into a small area of ​​lawn, and the lawn can be cut similar to real grass.

Organic vegetable patch

Search online for compostable dog waste bags and add in all of your food waste to make rich compost that you can use with the vegetable patch in the corner of the garden. By consuming organic products from our own cultivation, you get all the vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body. The seeds can be obtained online. This is an eco-friendly way to grow your own food.

Pet feces

If your pet gets dirty in the garden, you can order some dog poop bags that will decompose naturally. Just add these to your compost and the problem is solved. Some people say sprinkling pepper on flower beds keeps cats away, and there are other home remedies that can keep animals from defecating.

Light sensors

If you install light sensors, the lights will come on automatically when someone approaches, which is more than a little cool. Ideal for security and protection; An intruder would leave when the lights came on in the garden. Install some solar powered LED lights at floor level that look really awesome. With LED strips you can create a Disney-style ambience.

Great garden hacks

Crate furniture

If you haven't seen the amazing patio furniture made from boxes, do a Google search for images and you'll be amazed at what can be done with a few old pallets. If you are a DIY enthusiast this would be an excellent project. Otherwise, you can buy this type of patio furniture online. Flower boxes are also available that bring the country look to your garden. Click here for more gardening tips.

Power Wash

You may have used one of these, very high pressure water can clean almost any surface and renting one for the weekend really improves the look of your home. The roof, patio and driveway can all be pressure washed, as are any stone surface and oil stains on the driveway are a thing of the past. Indeed, a water pressure machine is a good investment and you can wash the car with this versatile part of the kit. If you spend a lot of time at home, there are many projects you can do to improve your outdoor living space. We should all keep up to date with the current situation in Covid-19 before planning any travel.

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