Discovery Backyard returns to Woolworths

Woolworths Discovery Garden will return with a new selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Starting this Wednesday (February 10), Woolworths customers can pick up a new Discovery Garden seedling kit for every $ 30 they spend in-store or online.

24 varieties will be available, with a new focus on educating Australians about honeybees and the vital role they play in supporting the country's local food supply through pollination. Twenty-one seedlings in the collection can attract bees at any point in their life cycle.

Andrew Hicks, Woolworths' chief marketing officer, says the company looks forward to offering the collection to customers again.

“The response to our first Discovery Garden program in 2019 was overwhelmingly positive. Families collected millions of seedling kits and discovered how flowers, vegetables and herbs can be grown together, ”he says.

“With so much of our flower resources decimated by recent droughts, bushfires and floods, our focus this year is on promoting pollination through our bee-attracting seedlings and replenishing local gardens and community flora.

“The Woolworths Discovery Garden program is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability that not only aims to have a positive impact on the planet, but also to start conversations between families that will lead to positive change for the local environment to create a better future. "

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Each Discovery Garden seedling kit includes seeds, a compostable pot, a biodegradable seed mat and a coconut pellet bowl. All packaging for the seedling kits should be FSC-certified and 100% recyclable.

Woolworths will also complement the seedling kits with a range of online learning tools for use at home and in schools. This can be found at

Schools and early intervention centers are given access to educational resources. This includes a bee craft kit resource that teachers can use to inspire and educate children about the importance of bees.

"We want to give families and schools practical steps to expand their learning and make sustainable positive changes to their local environment and community," says Hicks.

"Our online resources include step-by-step growth videos and an interactive book to guide parents and children on the five-step growth path of unpacking, germinating, repotting, gardening and harvesting."

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