Weekend initiatives to improve your residing area

If your living space looks a little too inhabited, take a few weekends to breathe new life into your space and move it to a place where you want to spend time.

to clean up

Whatever the season, it's time for a spring cleaning. The first big project will be painting, so it's time to clean up. Clear your coffee table and pack away the clutter. Decide which pieces of furniture have seen better days and wrap or donate anything you don't want.

A fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic difference. When it comes to home improvement, it's often where you get the most bang for your buck. Choose light colors like white or cream. If you want a little more fun, go for a light, muted shade of your favorite color. Whichever color you choose, remember that it will cover all of your walls – floor to ceiling -. If the tiny stain you painted on the wall seems a bit too heavy now, it can be completely overwhelming as a pair of gallons into your project. After you've chosen your paint, bought your paint, moved your furniture, taped all the edges, and painted your walls with a coat or two of paint and primer, this may be a good place to finish off your first weekend of renovations.

Deep cleansing

With a nice new coat of paint on the walls and all of your furniture scattered from their usual places, now is exactly the right time to start cleaning your space. Dust off your remaining furniture, vacuum (or even steam) the floors, remove clean stains, toss washable fabrics in the laundry, wipe tables, fish the coins off your couch, remove dirty ones Fingerprints from your TV – that works. There is no point in making a room look fresh and new when dust and dirt have been hiding in the corners for years.

Simplify with storage

Disorder will inevitably build up, the constant battle against the second law of thermodynamics is a losing battle. Instead, turn to creative storage solutions to hide that clutter and keep the things you need close by. Imagine an ottoman with hidden storage space, a shelf with simple but elegant storage boxes, or a TV stand with drawers or hidden storage space. The goal here is to hide the things that you need to have on hand so that they are easily accessible, yet invisible. While it is important that you like the way your space looks and feels, never put form over function. This will help keep your space looking neat and neat.

Weekend projects to upgrade your living space - storage

House store

Now reassemble your space using the items you have available in your house. Arrange your furniture, bring in your art and decor, and take stock of what's missing. This is where you need to find a balance between saving and spending. Fill your space with the items you have and like, budget the parts you urgently need, and consider replacing or renovating those that are on their last legs with remaining funds.

Find new furniture

Now that you know what parts are missing, start looking. If possible, choose quality over quantity. Not only will this be cheaper in the long run, but you'll also enjoy the craftsmanship and sturdiness of these parts more. When side tables and lamps are showing less wear and tear and can be easily renovated or repaired, the sofas typically need to be replaced about every ten years. When looking for a new couch, you should start your search online to find couches that will fit almost any budget. Take a look at modular sofas – as opposed to cuts or individual pieces – to better adjust shape and size.

Make the room softer

Window treatments, blankets, pillows, carpets, oh my god! This is where you can really start playing with color and texture. When you soften your space it will feel really warm and cozy. While you should certainly introduce your own unique style, function should be kept in mind. Check out this article for more home decorating tips for home improvement, including tips on colors, textures, and statement pieces. Make sure the fabrics you choose are soft and washable. While you don't want to get too crazy about color, your risk of muddy paws and spilled beverages can mean brilliant whites aren't the way to go either.

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