four finest locations to put in out of doors lights

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any residential or commercial building. It not only beautifies the exterior, but the outdoor lighting also increases safety at night. Because of this, outdoor lighting has become a necessity for property owners.

However, many types of outdoor lighting have specific purposes. For this reason, before purchasing, you should consider the following places to install your outdoor lighting.

1. Above the garage door

One of the best places to add outdoor lighting is over your garage door. This allows you to illuminate the area and the driveway. You can also install lighting on the sides of the garage door. However, you need to install your garage lights at a height that will protect them from moving parts of your garage door. Luckily, when you order outdoor lighting from companies like TouchStone Lights, they can install these lights for you so you don't have to worry about that. You can install bright lighting over your garage door to deter destructive animals and potential criminals because of their lighting. When installed in high places, this lighting casts wide beams of light onto the backyard fence or sidewalks.

2. ways

A common place to install outdoor lighting is on paths. In the landscape, you will often see path lights that stand out from other outdoor lights. There are many types of path lights, including the following:

  • Traditional path light: A classic path light usually has a cylinder on its post. Its design makes it appear timeless. Some have a mushroom or leaf-like cylinder while others have intricate designs. Others have multiple layers of grooves and smooth curves to make them more attractive.
  • Contemporary path light: Another aesthetically pleasing path light is contemporary design because it is unique. You can choose to match your modern home and garden.
  • Directional path light: As the name suggests, directional lights can be panned in any direction. This gives you control over where to throw the light.
  • Bollard path light: In addition to path lights on the cylinder, bollards can also beautify rooms. Your design can withstand larger projects as it is larger in scope and scope.

3. Backyard

Aside from path lights, you can also use fairy lights to brighten up your garden. This place is also one of the best places for outdoor lighting, especially on occasions. Fairy lights are strung along a string or string and use a number of small light bulbs and lanterns. They can be easily attached to trees, walls and posts. The materials used in fairy lights are waterproof because they are made for outdoor use. You will also need an electrical outlet to connect these lights. You can also choose LED strings of lights for outdoor use as they are inexpensive, energy efficient and bring enough life to your garden at night.

4 best places to install outdoor lights - fairy lights

4. Exterior wall

Don't forget your outside wall because you can choose between different designs for outside wall lights. Interestingly, you can install outdoor wall lights anywhere as long as there is cables and a wall. You can use wall lights to provide style elements for any structure. Depending on the fixture you want, some outdoor wall lights can highlight the impact on a structure by washing walls in a downlight or uplight design. By installing lights on your outside walls, you can create perfect lighting on your porch or in any area of ​​your property. In addition, they are designed for extreme weather conditions. Exterior wall lights can withstand salt, moisture and strong UV radiation.


Installing outdoor lights around your property is a great way to ensure safety and add some extra allure at night. There are many areas on your property that you can install outdoor lighting in. You can install them either over your garage door, the paths, the garden, or the outside wall. The important thing is that you choose those that are of high quality to ensure a long life

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