The Swedish TSA receives a pioneering tax break for shoppers who use skilled textile providers


The Swedish laundry association Sveriges Tvätteriförbund is celebrating good news for its members as the Swedish government is introducing a tax break for households using the services of professional textile care companies.

From January 1st, Swedish consumers who hand over their laundry to professional textile service providers are entitled to a tax deduction of 25% of the cost. This applies to all laundry that can normally be washed at home, including minor repairs and transportation.

Based on experience from other service sectors that fall under the same law, the deduction is expected to be used by many elderly people and families with children struggling with work-life balance. However, the allowance is available to anyone paying their taxes in Sweden, even if the service itself is purchased outside of Sweden.

"This reform shines a light on an industry that is otherwise badly hit by the ongoing pandemic. The demand for laundered textiles has fallen as fewer guests stay in hotels, fewer diners and the number of people admitted to important events are very limited. "According to Daniel Kärrholt, CEO of Sveriges Tvätteriförbund.

“This is also an epoch-making result for the continuous communication of the branch organization Sveriges Tvätteriförbund aka. Swedish Textile Service Association. In the past five years the association has intensified its efforts to raise awareness of the textile service industry and its importance for society, ”said Kärrholt.

He said the industry is a first job for young people, people with little formal education and new immigrants to Sweden, and has the potential to grow and create even more jobs. “We see our diversity as a strength and our employees as our greatest asset. We are a green circular industry. We focus on good textile care that extends the life of textiles. Our production facilities are optimized for low water and energy consumption, which shows that we use our resources responsibly. "

He pointed out that the member companies of the association are indispensable partners for healthcare, industry, the service sector, hotels and restaurants and other companies, workwear for industry, linen, bathroom and restaurant textiles, entrance mats and textiles for healthcare for employees and patients, such as work clothing, patient, surgical and bed textiles.

“Not least in the current situation, our companies have an important task to contribute to a functioning health system. Our members are certified with the T brand, which means that they have been inspected and meet or exceed the required environmental, economic and social standards. Customers can be sure that they are choosing a company that takes responsibility for its employees, society as a whole and the planet on which we live, ”said Kärrholt.

Kärrholt advises textile care workers who are committed to change in order to keep going. “The system of tax reduction for household services was introduced in 2007. It was a long way for Sveriges Tvätteriförbund. The only advice I can give is to stick with your case. If your arguments are good enough, you will eventually get through. "

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