New expertise to enhance Sq.'s retail enterprise

Square for Retail is a purpose-built point-of-sale system designed specifically to meet the complex needs of Australian retailers.

It is currently being introduced by Square, Inc.

"Square for Retail has everything retailers need to be more efficient when they're back to business this year," said Alyssa Henry, Seller Lead at Square.

"After a really tough 2020, the Australian retail sector needs reliable technology platforms to recover."

With the search-oriented software, companies can find customer profiles and items quickly and easily using a unified search bar at the top of the user interface.

In addition, it supports the scanning of barcodes for setting up a customer's shopping cart at the checkout.

A number of companies have used Square for Retail as part of a public trial.

Paul Green, Store Manager at Le Pont, says: “Square for Retail has fundamentally changed the way we run our business and given us the tools to improve the way our customers experience the wine buying process.

“We're both a good wine store and a bar, so it's extremely valuable to add new products to our system – like selling wine by the glass – and track sales immediately, and we can create an experience that customers love and keep coming back for. "

Colin Birney, Head of Business Development at Square Australia, said: “Retail has been one of our fastest growing sectors since we started offering payments to the Australian market.

"For the past five years, our Australian retail base has grown an average of 78% annually, and the number of larger, multi-location retailers has grown 122% annually over the same period."

Square for Retail is available with a free starter plan as well as a plus plan for USD 109 (inc. VAT) per month.

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