High 5 most tough objects to pack

The New Year celebrations is one of the busiest times for e-commerce in all of Asia, which means FedEx is increasingly busy with festival orders.

With such a large number of orders it is natural for some to be curious about how certain things are packed, e.g. B. Seafood, delicatessen or environmentally sensitive items.

FedEx lists how they package their toughest items below:

  1. Packaged artwork

Framed art is constantly being bought and transported, says the FedEx team.

It is important that these items are intact and arrive in perfect condition.

FedEx tip? Apply tape in a criss-cross or large "X" from corner to corner across the frame to avoid splinters or tears.

FedEx offers special packaging such as Premium Art Boxes for high-quality art shipments.

  1. Send flowers

Moving the specimens too much during shipment can damage the stems and leaves, affecting their appearance or longevity. One of the most fragile flowers is also a seasonal favorite, the orchid.

Contact between the flowers and leaves of the plants can cause damage. They should be wrapped in paper for extra cushioning when shipping.

It is also helpful to have packaging that protects against temperature drops.

  1. Musical instruments

Instruments are sensitive to effects and environments and have an extreme monetary and sentimental value.

It's important to choose a climate-friendly shipping method and unthread the strings before packing them. This releases tension and reduces the risk of damage.

  1. seafood

Maintaining product integrity is vital for edible goods and special care should be taken with seafood.

Use coolant when shipping live seafood such as lobster or oysters. These do not leak and the risk of accidentally freezing the product can be avoided.

  1. Alcoholic drinks

Decades of work can quickly be undone if a wine is poorly stored or shipped. Strict temperature controls can ensure that the wine arrives in the best possible condition.

Also, remember that wine is heavy and only use cardboard boxes that are designed to hold a weight of wine.

To learn more about custom requirements visit the Custom Tools Guide or contact FedEx here for tricky shipping questions.

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