Aussies rise and shine earlier!

It turns out the Aussies start their days earlier. 43% of the nation admit having changed their morning routines.

Research from Kellogg Australia found that half of all Aussies now wake up earlier and add two hours to their day.

With that extra time, Aussies do what they think is important, including:

  • Breakfast with the family (28%)
  • Start work early (27%)
  • House cleaning (24%).

New habits that have been picked up include caring for plants or the garden (12%) and morning exercise (12%).

“2020 was difficult for many and changed the way Australians see their relationships,” says psychologist Sabina Read.

"It's more important than ever to feel connected in difficult times when you communicate regularly and create rituals over something familiar like breakfast or a bowl of cereal."

Aussies believe breakfast is an important part of a bright and fulfilling morning.

Lucie Wolstenholme, Kellogg's Marketing Director in Australia, says, “In an unprecedented year, we've seen Aussies become more resilient and productive than ever.

"Under the uncertainty, Aussies attract the things they know and love, like the convenience and safety of their favorite cereal at Brekkie, like Kellogg's Corn Flakes."

In addition, consumers are more aware of the support provided by local people.

"… And by enjoying a bowl of Kellogg's corn flakes, as the nation has been doing for almost 100 years, Aussies will continue to support farmers who produce the foods they know and love," says Ms. Wolstenholme.

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