5 residence enchancment initiatives for pet house owners

Call to all pet owners! Pets are such a cute and important part of your life. They bring you comfort, love and so much happiness. Studies have shown that owning a pet is good for your health. It can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. No wonder that pet owners do everything for their fur babies!

Your pet gives you so much; why not give them something back? Read on for 5 pet owner home improvement projects that you are sure to love!

DIYs for dog owners

Big or small, dogs are simply the best. They are playful, loyal, loving and friendly. Help your pup feel comfortable in your home with these DIY projects.

Paradise by the pool

If your dog is a water lover, install a poolside paradise in your yard! All you need is a shovel and a plastic dog basin. Just dig a whole big enough for the pool of your choice and submerge the pool in it. Not only does the floor help isolate and keep the pool cool, but installing a pool that is flush with the floor will prevent tripping accidents with overly excited pups.

Doggy Spa

Is there anything better than a day at the spa? Give your dog a spa treatment by installing a canine spa right in your home! A doggy spa can be as simple or complex as you make it. For some, simply swapping out your fixed shower head for a handheld can make bath time less messy for your pup. However, if you want to go all out, consider setting up a separate spa for your puppy in your garage or guest bathroom. Not only is it nice for your dog, but it will also help keep your shower clean!

Treat toys

Keep your pup entertained for hours by making a DIY toy! This is the easiest DIY so far. Take an old tennis ball and cut a few holes in the side. You can cut out circles, "X" shapes, and more! Fill it with your dog's favorite treats and let the games begin. We love pet treats with CBD to keep our pets in tip top shape. CBDfx is a trusted manufacturer of CBD for pets – give it a try!

5 DIY projects for pet owners - dogs and cats

DIYs for cat owners

Are you a cat lover? Cats are the understated star of the pet world. Once you've won their affection, they're cuddly and as cute as possible. Make your home more cat friendly with these DIYs.

Private potty

Litter boxes are the bane of any cat owner's existence. They're unsightly, uncomfortable, and there's just never a good place for them … until now! Turn a closet in your home into a private potty for your kitten. To do this, you need a closet with a large compartment that is big enough for a litter box. It's a good idea to choose one with a front door to make cleaning easier. Next, all you need to do is cut a cat-sized hole in the back and place it about a foot from a wall. This gives your cat easy access to do their business. Plus, it will keep your cat's litter out of sight and mind!

Transform your drawers

Do you love the look of a neat house? Turn your drawers into an integrated dining room for your cat. Find a low drawer in your house and clear it out completely. Next, take a piece of wood and cut a hole in it that is exactly the diameter of your cat's food bowl. It's a good idea to use a bowl with a lip on the rim so it doesn't fall through the hole. Float the piece of wood to the top of the drawer and place the bowl in the hole. Viola! They have a bowl that is pulled out of the wall during dinner and quickly disappears when not in use.

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