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Typically, unless you plan to sell, homeowners need to consider a kitchen remodel after about ten years in a home. You may want to do this if you want to move to another location and update. One of the priorities is the timeless selection of cabinets in style and color.

When looking for quality brands like those made by Carpenters from Brisbane Fine Design, all you need to do is minimal maintenance, save for possibly some refreshments before it's time for your next renovation. If done correctly, the environment can be updated over the years, making the cabinets look brilliant with little effort. With a neutral closet, you can still change the whole color scheme by painting the walls and adding new accessories to create the illusion that you've completed a iteration. When you've found the house that you want to keep, a "forever home", it's okay to keep up with the latest trends or bring your personality to the design with a vintage, contemporary, or retro flair. The sky is the limit. Still, there is something to be said for the timeless choice.

Trends with new kitchen cabinets or timeless for the versatility of future design

Remodeling the home can be exciting and fun, but picking pieces that suit your style and personality and still pass a potential homebuyer 's test can prove daunting. This is especially true for kitchen cabinets, which make up an essential part of the room's aesthetics. These can be bold and reflect a vintage or retro image if that suggests your style. You can go for a more traditional farmhouse theme, or there is the minimalist, contemporary option. If you plan to live in the house longer than the life of the remodel, anything is possible – technically speaking.

But nobody knows when you might have to take an unexpected, unplanned, necessary step when life happens. Remodeling your home is a significant investment (especially in a kitchen) which means you have to take all of these considerations into account. You don't have to step out of sight, but with the pieces like the cabinets designed to stand the test of time, they should be cheap on your eye and anyone looking to buy. That means avoiding trends and looking timelessly. Click here for instructions on making the right choice. Some true classics are:

** White

You can translate white kitchen cabinets into a variety of styles. These are no longer limited to the farmhouse. It depends on the "architecture" of the cabinets, for which there are countless possibilities on the market today. With these you can make any statement you want to make. White it is one of the most popular and kept this place for many years. It creates a feeling of freshness throughout the room and gives it a clean look. The accents you add further define the aesthetic, be it a wood floor or tile and colored vintage appliances or stainless steel.

With white, you have endless possibilities to redesign the space as many times as you want before it ever has to be repeated again. A potential buyer will see the option as an advantage as there is no need to renovate initially. A look through design schemes over the decades shows that white is always emerging as a favorite trend. Regardless of whether you want to add open shelves, glass inserts, mirrors and light accents, you can give the room your own personal touch.

** Navy / Cobalt

Blue gives the kitchen a touch of elegance and luxury. Combined with a lighter shade of equipment or counters, the choice is an easy compliment to the room. You can use these classic cabinets in almost any location, whether you're deep in the country in a quaint cottage, living in a modern apartment, or retiring on a seaside getaway. The nifty choice is popular and many people enjoy it for a long time.

** Shades of grey

The gray family is a neutral color that is comparable to white and has the ability to combine with a variety of color schemes and any selection of lights. You can use a traditional shade of gray, or you can choose between “gray,” a mix of beige and gray. The gray family represents calm feelings and relaxation in a room that is usually busy. While this is a neutral color, stainless steel appliances seem a bit much with this option. That doesn't mean avoiding stainless steel or gray as a color. Instead, play with the shade of gray so the stainless steel plays it off. Try to work with the architecture of the cabinet to make it stand out. Again, devices like lighting are used to highlight the cabinets.

Choose timeless kitchen cabinets - great kitchen

** Glass

Glass is a material that people have enjoyed for many years regardless of the color of the actual cabinet. The doors focus on what you have inside instead of what is happening around you. These are not intended for someone who tends to bulk shop and fill the closets with lots of purchases. The glass doors are more there to show off beautiful pieces inside or a minimalist approach to your food finds that keep you organized. You can invest in an opaque option that has a shadow of the inside without really being able to see the contents. So they can be messy but still have pretty glass doors.

Last thought

Kitchen cabinets are the staple of the room. When it's time to remodel, you need to decide whether they need to be replaced or whether they can just be refurbished or repaired. Instructions for making this decision can be found at For exchanges, it is advisable to invest in a kit that can stand the test of time. Most people don't want to have to replace them every time there is renovation work to do. Fortunately, choosing a timeless classic means changing accents or colors for years only, which makes the cabinets look brand new. But in order for them to stand the test of time, style and color aren't all that matters. You want to invest in a high quality, well-built cabinet from carpenters who care about their standards. With these you get the optimal return on this investment.

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