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There are some things that shouldn't be done cheaply, and a mattress is one of them. It's not all about comfort, even if a cheap mattress isn't as comfortable as an expensive one. Luxury mattresses also last much longer than their cheaper counterparts and are made from much higher quality materials.

While mattress prices can go up, it's always a good idea to spend as much as you can afford on a mattress. An organic or green mattress is the best choice as it will protect your household from the harmful chemicals found in traditionally made mattresses. A luxury mattress is thicker, denser, safer and cleaner than an overall cheap mattress.

You get what you pay for

It is true that sometimes when a mattress comes at a high price, it is for the wrong reasons. Some features that manufacturers use to artificially raise mattress prices may include gel-infused memory foam, special springs or pillows to support the back of the lumbar region, and infusion of materials such as green tea. Some materials, like activated charcoal, are included in mattresses to control odors. While charcoal can control odors, you probably don't need this feature if you're using a mattress pad.

And of course the brand name of a mattress can increase the price simply because of the popularity of the name. Well-known brands like Tempur-Pedic or Sealy can charge more for their mattresses because their brands are so widely recognized and trusted. Some people even feel very loyal to their mattress brand. However, the brand name alone does not indicate the quality of a mattress. Often times, you can get a mattress from a lesser known manufacturer as well, and sometimes at a lower price than the brand names.

However, when you buy a mattress it is usually worth paying more. Luxury mattresses use higher quality materials. You can tell by the thickness and weight of the mattress itself whether it is made from high quality materials. High-quality mattress materials such as high-density natural latex foam as well as organic wool and cotton are denser and heavier than cheaper materials. When you get the chance to shop for luxury mattresses in the store, try lifting the corners of the mattresses you like to see how heavy they are. The heavier the mattress, the denser the materials and the higher the quality. High quality materials withstand years of heavy use and maintain their structural integrity, so your luxury mattress will stay comfortable for years.

Luxury mattresses are safer and cleaner

Is your mattress full of toxic chemicals? It could very well be. Traditional mattresses have been made from petroleum products – polyurethane and synthetic latex – for decades. These petroleum-based products not only contribute to the waste of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases into the environment. They also constantly release toxic chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VoCs) into your bedroom. Traditional mattresses are also made from cotton, one of the most pesticide-heavy agricultural crops in the world, and these dangerous chemicals stay in the cotton fibers forever. That’s not all. The flame retardant chemicals used on traditional mattresses have been found to be toxic as well.

Here's why a spendy mattress is worth it - mattress

Have you ever bought a new mattress or new car and found that it gave off a chemical odor? That new car chemical smell is actually the smell of polyurethane and other petroleum products in your new item degassing VoCs. However, the toxic degassing doesn't stop when the odor subsides. Traditional mattresses continue to give off toxic chemicals throughout their life and these chemicals are linked to a number of minor and serious health ailments.

Luxury mattresses are usually made from organic materials that don't produce VoCs or contain pesticides that could make you sick. Instead of polyurethane foam, natural latex foam is used, which is made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. It doesn't release toxic chemicals because it doesn't contain any, and it's also sustainable because the gum trees must be carefully grown and kept alive in order to harvest the sap. Most luxury mattress brands are also made from organic cotton, which is made with minimal pesticides, and organic wool, which is humanly made without the use of chemicals and dyes. Wool is inherently flame retardant, so you can choose a luxury mattress made of wool instead of a cheaper mattress that is soaked in dangerous chemical flame retardants.

When buying a mattress, buy the most expensive one you can afford, even if it is a luxury mattress. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will feel sleeping without the chemicals found in traditional mattresses, and the high quality materials will last long enough to make the high price tag worth it.

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