6 issues to consider when shifting to Dallas

Dallas' popularity has increased in recent years due to its active nightlife and booming business district. Regardless of why people flock to the city, it is beneficial and profitable for Dallas to grow. While the city is trending like other cities in Texas, it can be difficult to move to an unfamiliar city at first.

If you are planning to move to Dallas, you need to weigh the pros and cons. This list can help you make up your mind a lot easier.

weather condition

Dallas is located in north central Texas, near the Trinity Rivers in the upper coastal plains. As a result, the city has a humid subtropical climate that is characterized by hot summers. The winter are mostly mild in the area. Even in the midsummer months, the weather is moderate and characterized by clear skies, wind and low humidity. Thunderstorms and rains are also common, but overall the weather is pleasant all year round, which makes it great for outdoor activities. Sidewalk cafes and river expeditions are ubiquitous throughout the region. Furthermore, the city's stunning skyline and electrifying nightlife only add to the experience.

Job market

Although the city is facing a decline in its historically significant oil industry, Dallas has risen above other cities in terms of employment rate. Dallas is the sixth best business city and has the highest employment growth at 2.4% per year. Technology, defense, and financial services are among the top industries in the city. Besides, if you think about it Relocation to DFW area Entry-level unemployed jobs are also available. Some of the largest employers in the area, such as AMR Corporation, Bank of America, Texas Health Resources, the Dallas Independent School District, and the Baylor Healthcare System, offer jobs in business, finance, and education. In addition, the average salary in the DFW area is higher than in other cities.


Dallas is a widespread and large city so naturally the traffic in the area is insane. Most of the city is autocentric and public transportation is not very accessible. As a result, road traffic is increasing, resulting in some of the most congested highways in Texas. The rush hour is incredibly painful, with hours of commuting around town. It was also ranked as the 20th busiest city in the US in 2017, with approximately 63 hours of travel per year. So if you are planning to move to Dallas, it is advisable to buy a home near the city.

6 Things to Think About When Moving to Dallas - Dallas

Increase the cost of living

With all the advantages of a big city and an active urban scene, life in Dallas is also higher Cost of living. The total home value is up 2.4% and is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come. Prominent neighborhoods are particularly desirable, such as Highland Park, which rents sizable rent. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $ 1,234 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment costs around $ 1430. These rents do not include the food and utility bills. Hence, this is something you should consider as moving to Dallas could be a bit of a strain on your wallet.


If you are new to the state of Texas, taxes can come as a shock to you. Texas people do not have to pay state or personal income taxes. While this may seem desirable, the state extorts taxes in other ways. Taxes paid by residents include personal property taxes, car taxes, and sales taxes. In addition, municipalities and districts are allowed to levy up to 2% of sales and use tax. In the end, the people of Texas pay some of the highest taxes in the country. So don't be shocked at the increased sales and property taxes after moving to Dallas.


There are greater dangers associated with a big city. Dallas is ranked as one of the 100 most dangerous cities in the entire United States, with a crime rate of 43 per thousand people. Therefore, there is a 23% chance of being a victim of violence or property theft in the city. Even in the state of Texas, the crime rate in Dallas is over 95% of the cities and towns. It also has one of the highest homicide rates in the country. So be extremely careful and prepared for criminal activity while moving to Dallas. It's not a city for the faint hearted so be careful! After understanding in detail the various strengths and weaknesses of Dallas, you can make a more informed decision about moving to the city. In addition, moving to the city doesn't seem as troublesome as it used to be. If you are able to overlook the crime and traffic problems, the city has a lot to offer in terms of urban lifestyle, booming business, and high employment rates.

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