Domus describes greatest practices for nursing house laundries


Domus, an international supplier of laundry solutions for nursing homes, is committed to sharing best practices to prevent cross-contamination or infection in bedding and clothing in nursing homes for the elderly.

Domus blogs on his website and reflects on how clothes and bed linen are washed and disinfected in nursing homes. Supplying commercial washing machines specifically designed for the laundry cycle in nursing homes, Domus says it is important that laundry practices are followed carefully. The company is studying the specific characteristics that linen and clothing must have for this sector. analyzes the most common infections that clothing can wear and; examines the critical points of infection in nursing homes and suggests solutions and recommendations.

Domus explains that the cycle or path that laundry and clothing travel in a nursing home is very important in controlling the level of contamination. It starts with every new resident or new laundry that enters the house and the cycle continues in the laundry room, where special machines are used to ensure optimal hygiene standards.

Every fabric should be handled and processed accordingly in the wash. Let's look at bed linen as an example. Sheets and pillow cases should be made of cotton or polyester. It is important to know that bed linen has a short lifespan as it is washed frequently and in an aggressive wash cycle. This also applies to tErry towel used in bathrobes, towels, and other personal hygiene accessories. These bath or toilet products should contain a high percentage of cotton.

In contrast, materials or curtains used throughout the nursing home in bedrooms, dining rooms, or by cleaning staff can be made from many different fabrics depending on the intended use. The materials can range from cotton to polyester to plasticized fabrics.

Of course, we mustn't forget the clothing of the medical or medical staff, says Domus, which is usually made of different fabrics. An important consideration in professional clothing is the use of a material that is non-irritating. In nursing or nursing homes, it is important that these clothes are fully disinfected and cleaned during the wash cycle.

The blog explores further tTypes of infections and critical points in a nursing home laundry, including advice on cleaning items used to transport laundry. To read the full advice from Domus, please visit here.

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