13 DIY tasks to deliver your yard indoors for the vacations and assist feed the world

Our mission at Gardening Know How is simple: to help you garden happier. We understand that over a busy spring and summer, millions of you turned to gardening for a little peace, joy, and tranquility.

And because we are gardeners just like you are, we know that gardening not only brought you all of these things, it created an abundance of food, beauty and hope. To carry that joy and abundance into fall and winter, we've rounded up 13 of our favorite DIY projects, all of which are designed to bring joy and abundance into your home.

However, before you download our latest eBook, Bring Your Garden Indoors: 13 DIY Projects For Fall And Winter, we hope you consider joining us Feed America or World central kitchen.

Help us help our neighbors in need this holiday season

With this new eBook we wanted to offer our GKH community an opportunity to help our neighbors in this time of unprecedented need. That's why we launched a vacation campaign for two of our favorite nonprofits that work to bring food to hungry families in the US and around the world.

As a thank you for participating in our campaign, we would like to give you our book so that you can make your holiday season as special as possible.

About feeding America

By the end of 2020, 50 million people – including more than 17 million children – could be starving from the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Hunger knows no borders – it affects every community in the United States, including your own.

The Feeding America Network is the nation's largest domestic hunger relief organization committed to connecting people with food and ending hunger. Gardening Know How is happy to help you in your endeavors to end hunger in the USA.

About World Central Kitchen

Founded by Executive Chef Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen has served more than 45 million fresh meals to people affected by natural disasters and other crises around the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, WCK activated thousands of restaurants and kitchens to feed marginalized and vulnerable communities and our courageous frontline medical professionals, and attacked growing hunger and economic crisis on two fronts by paying local restaurants to order Cooking fresh meals for them Neighbors in need – at the same time providing food to starving people and keeping restaurants and their teams open and working.

Regardless of whether you can donate $ 1 or $ 100, we'll send you our free e-book as a thank you. Just know that every little bit helps and that we value it.

Here are just a few of the DIY projects in our new eBook that we are sure will bring joy to your home:

  • Turn an additional room into an indoor garden
  • Using an old book as a decorative planter
  • Thanksgiving centerpieces and home decor made from nature
  • Create festive Christmas wreaths with natural accents
  • Plus, DIY gifts like herbal dream pillows and more

Donate now and get your DIY eBook today

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