Cinet's dwell streamed GBPawards appeal to greater than 1,500 viewers worldwide


The Cinet Global Best Practices Awards 2020 program appeared to be a huge success, organizers said. More than 1500 textile professionals attended a live streaming event from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The event lasted seven hours from November 4th to 5th. During this time, the participants saw in real time how the international independent jury Oceanside Cleaners from the USA (Retail Textile Cleaning SME) and Oxwash from Great Britain (Overall Textile Cleaning SME) presented the Overall Awards in their individual categories. Retail Textile Cleaning Big) and GCS – BIH 77 from France (Industrial Textile Services).

Oceanside Cleaners from the USA, pictured in the upper left of the photo on the right, were recognized for their outstanding sustainability efforts, quality and service.

The British Oxwash (pictured in the top right of the photo on the right) prevailed due to its innovative business approach, its sustainable concept and its operational organization.

GCS BIH77 from France won its category for its outstanding focus on quality, CSR and sustainability.

The Innovation Award (SME) was received by WOSH from Spain for the way in which new customer segments are addressed with a focus on digitization, marketing and communication

The Innovation Award (BIG) was given to Mr. Shoes Cleaning Tech Co from China for developing a unique business model on a large scale.

The ITS innovation award was presented by Prawol Alicja Wolska Jerzy Wolski Sp.j. Warsaw from Poland for continuous innovation in all aspects of business.

The Sustainability Award (SME) was received by Country Club Cleaners from the USA for their efforts to minimize their ecological footprint while maintaining profitability.

The Sustainability Award (BIG) was given to Champion Cleaners from the UAE to set a trend in sustainability in the region.

The ITS sustainability award was received from Coburger Handtuch + Matten – Services (CHMS) from Germany for unique achievements in the field of sustainable operation.

The Life Time Award went to Masashi Shimenoki, Head of Japan's Textile Services Association, and Yep (Young Executive Professional) was given to Blanc (France) and WAUWcloset (Netherlands). Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge (Serena Hotels Kenya) and GCS BIH 77 (France) received special CSR awards for their efforts.

Peter Wennekes, CEO of Cinet, greeted the audience by saying, “Indeed, we are living in difficult times for the global economy and for almost all laundries and dry cleaners around the world, and it's not over yet. According to many experts, this will last at least until the second part of 2021.

“But yes, we have to develop new plans and prepare for a better future. Because at Cinet we firmly believe in a strong and strong recovery in the professional textile care industry. Based on our vision, there will be tremendous new opportunities that will provide strong new market demand. However, it requires professional business skills to develop them. It will all be about new ways of thinking, new perspectives and new experiences. "

With 120 official nominees from 36 countries and 45 finalists, more than 1000 professionals worldwide took part in the third edition of the GBPAP. Over 1500 connections participated in seven hours of streaming over the event, which was streamed by Interclean and also took place online from the Netherlands.

At this event in 2020, Cinet focused on the sustainability of the textile supply chain. "Globally," Wennekes said, "textiles are the number two polluter after coal and chemicals." This is mainly because the world population is growing rapidly and 85% of all textiles are seldom used and / or not sold and / or thrown away as waste (fast fashion). The aim of this manifesto is therefore to develop effective cooperation in the textile supply chain with better circularity and the use of higher quality textile materials. From "fast fashion" to "slow fashion". "
The potential for further improvements in sustainability and circularity is immense, Wennekes added, pointing out that research shows that professional textile care provides five times more sustainable performance than household cleaning.

Cinet has launched an international sustainability manifesto for the textile care industry, which is being joined by more and more organizations seeking to improve sustainability and expand the current PTC markets. Cinet welcomes the continued support of everyone who cares for our planet.

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