That is the way you make your property extra power environment friendly

Energy efficiency in your home is not an insurmountable task and it is not something that you must pay back thousands of dollars. This can save you money in the long run and significantly increase the resale value of your property.

What could you do today to save energy and money for tomorrow?


Poor insulation can lead to massive waste of energy. Installing proper insulation can save you hundreds of dollars a year depending on the type of property and where you live. With better insulation, you are less dependent on heating and therefore consume much less. Energy efficient insulation shouldn't end with your attic and walls either. It can be as simple as hanging heavy curtains and putting stick-on insulation on the side of your doors.


Inefficient boilers can add hundreds to your heating bills each year, and while upgrading can be an expensive purchase, it will future proof your home and add value. It is estimated that boilers account for around 60% of a home's carbon dioxide emissions. So this is possibly the most significant change you can make.

Natural light

You save a lot on lighting and heating when you can bring more natural light into your home. This can be achieved in a number of ways. For example, you could install a conservatory in your yard or invest in larger folding doors. Skylights and skylights are a more dramatic option, and VELUX windows and sun tunnels in particular are relatively affordable and easy to install in almost any situation.

How to make your property more energy efficient - energy efficient house

Water consumption

Baths and showers can waste a lot of water, but there are ways to cut it that may not hurt your wallet or life as much as you think. For example, if you take multiple baths a week, should you consider taking just one bath a week and showering the rest of the week? Or switch your shower head to a water-saving option, as some showers can actually use more water than an entire bath in five minutes!

LED lighting

Not only do LED lights last much longer than their traditional cousins, they are also much more flexible. You will notice the huge savings on your utility bills within a few months. Trust us!

Solar panels

This is the great option to consider, and not an option to be taken lightly. Converting your regular home into a solar powered one isn't as difficult as you might think, but it will bring you back a fair bit of change. There are various government incentives to improve your home in an eco-efficient way, so doing so can also help pay the cost of installing solar panels.

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