What’s the applicable glass thickness for my customized bathe door order?

When remodeling your bathroom, or at least upgrading your shower, the thickness of the glass for your shower door is one of the most important things to consider.

When looking for glass for your custom shower door, it is important to understand how to determine which thickness is best for you and your shower door design.

Why knowing the thickness required is crucial when buying a custom shower door online

When ordering a custom shower door online, it is important to understand all of the aspects and dimensions of your requirements so that you can place the correct order. It's much harder to buy something without seeing it first, and it's just as difficult to return something as large as a shower door over the internet. That is why you need to make sure that you know how thick glass is for your shower door before buying.

Factors Affecting Custom Shower Door Thickness

So what do you need to consider to calculate the type of glass thickness you will need for your custom shower door? Since you are essentially building your shower door from scratch, you need to decide what all you want as part of your door and what your bathroom can handle.

Some of the things to consider include:

There are many different types of glass. The four main types are annealed glass, heat reinforced glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass. Ultimately, you want to get a tempered glass for the shower. Tempered glass is much safer than other types of glass because if you break it, it will break into small pebbles instead of large, jagged pieces.

What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - glass type

Are you planning to install a sliding door or a hinged door? Framed or frameless? The thinner the glass, the more necessary a framed door is. So if you are looking for a frameless door, you want the glass to be thicker so it can support itself.

What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - type of shower

Aesthetically, thicker glass is more pleasing to the eye. If you want a simpler, modern look in your bathroom, thicker glass is the way to go as you can most likely do without the busy frame. The nice thing about framed shower doors, however, is the variety of surfaces the frames can come in and often provides a nice decorative element for any bathroom.

What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - door design

  • Resilience of your walls

You want to know how much your walls can actually handle before buying your custom shower door. If your walls can't support a lot of weight, thick glass for your shower might not be the best way to go.

What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - weight load

The last thing you want to think about is your budget range. While thicker glass seems to have many of the better features for a custom shower door, it is often much more expensive. Make sure you have a budget when looking at the shower doors and the glass thickness.

Appropriate thickness options for your custom shower door when purchasing online

Now is the time to find out which thickness option is right for you. There are four main shower door thickness options: 3/16 ", 1/4", 3/8 ", and 1/2".

Framed shower doors

  • 3/16 ”- This is the minimum thickness for framed shower doors. Since the glass for these doors is much thinner, they need sturdy frames to stay stable and sturdy. Because of the thinness of the glass, this option is usually the cheapest of the four.
  • 1/4 "- Although thicker than 3/16", the 1/4 "option is still quite thin so a frame is also required as part of the shower door. It will be a bit more expensive, but the thicker the glass the stronger and more attractive it is.What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - framed shower door

Frameless shower doors

  • 3/8 ”- This is the minimum thickness for frameless showers. It offers stability at a slightly lower cost.
  • 1/2 "- This glass, obviously because it is thicker, feels much more stable than 3/8" glass and, as stated earlier, is more aesthetically pleasing. It is usually the most expensive of all the thickness options.What is the appropriate glass thickness for my custom shower door - frameless shower door

Right online place to buy shower door

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