CASE STUDY: The collaboration between Testorp and Beirholm allows 80% development in laundry capability


A joint collaboration between the flat linen supplier Beirholm and the linen and uniform rental company Testorp shows what influence a close partnership can have on optimizing washing processes and rethinking the product range.

Testorp is a family owned laundry with more than 140 years of history and tradition. Today the laundry is run by Benjamin Testorp, the fifth generation. Testorp's customers operate in the healthcare, nursing home and hospitality sectors. With its customer-centric approach, lingerie expertise and strong focus on high quality performance textiles in trendy designs, Testorp has embarked on an impressive growth journey that lingerie is likely to continue.

Around six years ago, with increasing competition, Testorp knew it was necessary to grow by attracting new customers. This required a new range of products and the laundry capacity also had to grow. At that time, Testorp had a capacity of 15 tons of laundry per day. However, it was not possible to expand the laundry in Berlin. So how do you grow when you can't expand your laundry to square feet? They look inward to increase operational efficiency.

Testorp and Beirholm began working closely together and developed an operational efficiency plan that was limited to three steps:

  1. Understand the Testorp laundry context
  2. Use of the textile performance technologies from BeirTex® to increase efficiency
  3. Use of Beirholm's modular design concept based on a small selection of laundry-suitable textiles to increase laundry capacity and win new customers

BeirTex is a performance technology built into linen and terry products. It increases laundry performance with shorter processing times and lasts longer than comparable products on the market, according to the company. The Beirholm textiles are lighter and still offer the end user the same comfort factor so that the laundry can process them more quickly.

Since most of the cotton in BeirTex-infused 50/50 poly / cotton bedding is actually on the surface covering a core of polyester, this means that the person lying in the bedding can feel the cotton on the skin, in the Unlike polyester and the laundry still retains the benefits of polyester.

Together with the new washing machine technology, this plan helped Testorp grow from 15 to 27 tons per day – an 80% increase in production based solely on efficiency gains in laundry.

Today, Testorp is happy to take on its competition in Berlin in both the healthcare and hospitality sectors. New and potential customers have shown great interest in the innovative, modular design concept, which is delivered with a high, personal service level. “The journey has only just begun and Beirholm is looking forward to working with Benjamin Testorp to further improve performance,” says the company.

The Danish family business Beirholm develops high-performance textiles, creates trendy designs and uses its sustainable procurement platform to offer its laundry partners and customers in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes and hospitals an optimal laundry solution that is suitable for individual industries and companies. The partnership model is known as "Context Engineered Textiles".

Watch this video to see what Benjamin Testorp has to say about the partnership and how it benefits his company. Visit the Beirholm website to find out more.

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