The right way to clear your property throughout the flu season

Have you ever cleaned your home when someone has a cough or a fever? Have you ever wondered what if you cleaned your house daily and nobody got infected? Well, sanitizing and cleaning your home is a normal daily chore, and we should be doing it every day. However, we need to be more careful during the flu season as someone in your family can become infected through outside contact and spread the germs indoors.

We have to say that 2020 was named the flu, fever and cough. We need to prevent and take care to clean our home and keep everyone safe. In order to clean the room during the flu season, we first need to know which room and which surface to disinfect.

Rooms that need to be disinfected

During the flu season, sanitizing the whole house isn't obvious. The bathroom, common room, and kitchen are the spaces where most of the people gathered and contacted. Make sure these rooms are properly and regularly sanitized during the flu season. Sometimes we share our rooms with other roommates. These rooms must be cleaned properly and on a daily basis so that the surface and objects of the room are not infected with unwanted viruses.

Surfaces that need to be cleaned

Usually, hard surfaces like floors, door handles, windows and TV remote controls are the most common breeding surfaces for germs. You need to pay more attention to these areas during the flu season as most of the people are likely to touch these surfaces. Make a daily routine every day to clean and disinfect these areas. According to microbiologists, germs can remain active on hard surfaces for 48 hours. So, you can't skip your daily cleaning routine if you don't want to get infected.

How to Clean Your Home During Flu Season - Cleaning the Kitchen

Here are some more things and areas to clean out daily during the flu season:

  • phone: Name one thing that you always keep outside and often touch it! Yes it is your cell phone! We can't stay without touching it for five seconds as we've gotten used to looking at the screen. During the flu season we do the same thing, but we forget that we carry the virus on its surface. You need to clean your phone every day. It should also be cleaned on the outside as soon as you return. The surface is quickly cleaned with an alcohol swab. Do not use disinfectant on the phone screen. Hence, your screen will be damaged.
  • Tables: Kitchen tables, dining tables, tea tables, dining tables must be cleaned and disinfected daily with proper care and attention. If you use a PC or laptop, don't forget to clean your mouse and keyboard as you will have to touch them frequently.
  • Cuddly toys and toys: If you have children in our house, make sure that their stuffed animals and toys are properly cleaned. Always pay attention to the products and surfaces that children are likely to touch. Make sure these surfaces are cleaned twice as children are more prone to the virus.
  • Napkins, towels and bed linen: Sheets should be changed every two days during the flu season. On the other hand, napkins and towels should be cleaned and washed every day. And if there is an infected person in your home, make sure the sheets, towels, napkins, and pillowcases are cleaned, washed, and disinfected daily.

Cleaning process during the flu season

Let's talk about how we should clean the surfaces and things so as not to get infected. Here are some tips that will be helpful on this matter:

  1. Choose your cleaner correctly: choose a cleaner that can kill the flu virus. You don't have to use these flowery and elegant scented cleaners to clean your home to kill the virus. Select the cleaning agents that have been laboratory tested and recommended. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, detergents, iodophores are the basic products that are used as cleaning agents.
  2. Use your cleaner correctly: Spraying disinfectant all over the place isn't the perfect way to clean your surface. Read the instructions of the process and clean them according to the instructions.
  3. Use Disposable Items: Sometimes it is frustrating to keep cleaning things. Using disposable items can come in very handy this season.
  4. Do your morning routine: Each morning when you get up from bed your first task should be making the bed and changing the towels and sponges from the washroom. Also, spray cleaner on the surface of the washroom and your room.
  5. Pay attention to the kitchen: the kitchen should be cleaned and disinfected regularly after all work has been completed.

During the flu season we need to be careful and pay more attention to the cleaning process of our rooms and houses. Staying home with a high fever and cough while on vacation is not comfortable and satisfying. Proper use of detergents and daily cleaning can keep us from getting infected with the flu virus.

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