Foodland collects donations for most cancers analysis

Foodland Supermarkets hosted Foodland Cancer Awareness Month in October and raised more than $ 46,000.

Now in its second year, the campaign aims to raise awareness and ultimately raise funds for cancer research, prevention and care in South Australia.

The initiative is raising money for two South Australian cancer research organizations – Flinders Foundation and Cancer Council SA – through the purchase of select baked goods from sponsors of the campaign – Vilis, Balfours, Mission, Tip Top, Wonder and Baker & # 39; s Oven.

"With the contribution of Foodland Cancer Awareness Month, this research could help turn our hopes for cures and better treatments into reality," said Ross Verschoor, executive director of the Flinders Foundation.

“The Cancer Awareness Month initiative is an incredible campaign and a great way to bring the community together to really improve the lives of people with cancer.

"The funding will contribute to more than 10 cancer research grants to make new discoveries in a range of cancers, including the breast, colon, prostate and brain."

Lincoln Size, Chief Executive of Cancer Council SA, said, “As a community funded organization, we rely on the generosity of South Australian companies like Foodland and are incredibly grateful for their continued support.

"The money raised through Foodland's Cancerland Cancer Awareness Month enables us to invest in key programs and services like Cancer Council 13 11 20, which has informed and assisted more than 5200 South Australians over the past year."

Franklin dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer at Foodland Supermarkets, is proud of the initiative.

“Statistics show that each and every one of us in our community is affected by cancer in some way. We therefore believe that it is our responsibility at Foodland to continue to raise awareness and help fight these diseases that affect us all so deeply. "

For more information on cancer awareness and to raise funds, please visit

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