The Swansea firm develops automated disinfection robots

United Kingdom
State-of-the-art robots that can automatically disinfect an entire building are in great demand from Swansea-based Evolve Raybotix, the only UK provider of the new machines that have been specially developed for Covid-19 by its parent company.

The new “Sanibot” helps hotels reassure potential guests that they will stay with them safely and that they will be used to disinfect hotel rooms. Coupled with hotels that maintain high standards of disinfecting laundry, this can only help encourage guests to book breaks.

Hundreds of the robots have been delivered to companies such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, sports centers and offices, as well as clinics and schools worldwide. The UV-C ozone disinfection robots use UV-C light which is supported by an ozone generation function to ensure maximum disinfection and safety. These robots are available in three sizes: Evolve Raybotix SOL, Evolve Raybotix EOS, and Evolve Raybotix NEO. They allow use in a wide variety of industries and areas, including textile care companies.

Martin Morgan of Morgans Hotel Swansea (pictured with Evolve Raybotics & # 39; Director Amin Farah) said: “When we heard that this technology was available in Swansea, we immediately requested a demonstration as this was an ideal solution for the fast Disinfection of hotel rooms when converting is. The guests have full confidence that their room, which is sealed after the disinfection process, has been renovated to the highest standard. We strive to provide premium service at Morgans Hotel and this shows that we are going the extra mile to restore public confidence in the hospitality sector. "

The automated machines map the environment and use a combination of UV-C light and ozone to kill 99.9 percent of the microorganisms on all surfaces by destroying their DNA structures. This is an environmentally friendly and chemical-free method to quickly and safely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Cleaning times start at just six minutes. Not only are these machines quick and thorough, they also have minimal operating costs.

Amin Farah, Director of Evolve Raybotics, said: “We are proud to be the only UK supplier of these unique disinfection robots. Our parent company has worked hard to come up with a practical and powerful solution to the pandemic. The result is a fundamental change for companies and organizations that need to disinfect their premises quickly. Our robots provide a safe and thorough way to keep employees and customers safe and they are in great demand here in the UK. We get more and more inquiries as it becomes known what these robots can do. "

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