Silvertek's FDA-listed antimicrobial masks ship out viruses

United States of America
The polygiene partner Silvertek® has further developed its mask design with FDA approval for its antimicrobial NanoFit masks with Polygiene ViralOff technology.

Polygiene has partnered with US brand Silvertek to offer the award-winning ViralOff fabric antimicrobial treatment for their face masks, which has been shown to reduce 99% of germs within two hours. This is a tested and certified technology according to the global standard ISO18184: 2019 against SARS-CoV-2, H3N2 and H1N1, says Polygiene.

Unlike most masks on the market that are made under emergency clearances, SilverTek had started the process prior to Covid-19 and therefore had the benefit of the time and experience of making its proprietary FDA-listed mask. For example, SilverTek discovered early in their mask development that exhalation valves were an unsafe component as they released the unfiltered exhalation of the wearer. Because of this, airlines, many public school districts, and entire regions like the California Bay Area now ban masks with valves.

"We wanted to find the best antimicrobial treatment for our NanoFit mask and evaluated numerous companies in the process," said Silvertek President Ji-mei Ma. “We were looking for a partner we could trust – one who was environmentally friendly, wellness conscious and an established player in the field of antimicrobial technologies. We are pleased to have selected Polygiene and ViralOff® technology to protect our NanoFit masks. "

“We are pleased that ViralOff is adding added value to an FDA-listed textile mask. In addition to the high antimicrobial performance, these masks also require less washing * and therefore last longer, which is good for the user and the environment, ”says Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.

* For more information on washing and Covid-19, see "Survey on viruses, washing and ViralOff®".

ViralOff protects treated textiles from bacterial and viral contamination, but does not protect against infections or diseases.

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