5 easy tricks to make your workplace area extra welcoming

An office space is more than just a workplace. This is where you and your employees spend most of the time and it is the first impression that a customer has on your company. With a well designed, fresh looking office space, you can make every visitor feel welcome and every employee feel relaxed.

If the decor and design do not match your strengths, that's fine. There are many easy ways to enliven your space that don't require a degree in interior design. Use these tips to transform your dreary business space into a modern and functional office, and you can easily make your office space more inviting.

1. Keep the room clean

This tip may seem obvious when it's not mandatory, but a clean work area is productive. Make sure all surfaces are wiped and shiny. These surfaces include computer screens and keyboards, as well as all glasses and mirrors. Also, keep carpets and floors free of dirt and debris. We know how much work it can take to keep a workspace pristine. Hence, you should consider hiring office cleaning services. These services ensure that every corner of your business is pristine without disrupting work hours.

2. Use artwork to indicate purpose

Bare walls are plain, boring and generally unattractive to the eye. An easy way to fix this is to add graphics. However, you want to be sure of adding art that has a purpose. The images you display should convey your company's service or be related to the industry in which you are in. For example, a construction company can hang works of art with buildings. A game design startup should have digital art.

3. Add conversation furniture

Many conversations lead to a wealth of great ideas. For this reason, it is important that you design the workplace in a way that stimulates discussion. Add facing chairs and other seating areas. These casual meeting places provide space for employees to collaborate freely and brainstorm. Furniture is also a great way to add an extra corner area or empty hallway. In this way, employees can stop chatting and suddenly find inspiration to improve a current project.

5 simple tips to make your office space more inviting - modern office

4. Add carpets

Carpets bring color and let go of boring, monochromatic design. However, you want these colors to be intentional and appropriate for your work. For example, a pop of yellow, orange or red can make the room look more open. These bright colors work well in creative industries like design or advertising. Adding carpets of darker colors like black, gray and blue will make the room look more serious and professional. These pallets are suitable for companies in the accounting, legal, etc.

5. Modernize the conference room

In the traditional setting of a conference room, chairs are set around a long table. It's effective, but it can be more inspiring. Offer your employees the opportunity to use the conference for other activities in addition to meetings. Employees can collaborate, work on projects, and chat with employees from different departments. The design can also be more modern. Many modern conference rooms have one large table that can be converted into several smaller tables. If you have numerous conference areas in your office, you can turn one of them into an interactive space.


You can use the tips provided here to create a welcoming workspace in which your employees can work productively and comfortably. Plus, all of your customers will want to come back because of the small details about decor and cleanliness.

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