Laundryheap's on-demand platform begins gathering eco-bikes

Laundryheap's on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service is adding eco-friendly e-bike deliveries to its fleet in order to offer customers a faster and more environmentally friendly service.

The new offering aims to solve the problem of delays caused by traffic in metropolitan areas like Central London, while reducing the company's carbon footprint in the face of global environmental efforts to combat climate change.

The motorcycles will be introduced for the first time in London for a test phase and will later be launched in Laundryheap's international markets including New York, Dubai, San Francisco and Singapore.

The bespoke e-bikes also aim to address concerns that certain areas of central London – which are often inaccessible by car or fall within London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) – result in traditional deliveries of Delivery vans last longer and are more polluting. According to researchers at the Center for Research in Energy Demand Solutions at the University of Leeds, e-bikes can, for example, reduce CO2 emissions from traffic by up to 50%, which corresponds to annual savings of around 30 million tons. Laundryheap hopes its new delivery service will set a new gold standard for other on-demand delivery companies in major cities.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, said at the start: “We are delighted to be adding the new e-bikes to our delivery fleet. As a leader in our field and as a company that delivers thousands of garments every day, we have a responsibility to keep our business as environmentally friendly as possible and to keep customers safe even during the pandemic. We have been offering our customers the option of an eco-friendly travel route for some time and look forward to taking our next steps as a fully committed, environmentally conscious company.

"We anticipate the new delivery service will allow us to reach even more people and are proud to be able to ease the burden on London in these uncertain times."

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