How are you going to enhance the drainage of your garden?

A lawn with poor drainage can lead to several problems such as weed growth, fungal growth, disease, and poor grass growth. If your lawn level is not right, water can build up in several places that require proper drainage to correct the problem. The drainage problems become severe when heavy rain or water leaks from your irrigation system. It is best to get the drainage properly done before designing a new lawn.

However, if you already have one, you can follow these tips to improve your lawn's drainage.

Improve ventilation

The first and easiest way to improve the drainage of your lawn is to improve its ventilation. Aerating your lawn can improve water permeability for better absorption in the soil. However, if the drainage problem is very severe, regular ventilation may not be enough to prevent water buildup.

How to improve the drainage of your lawn - ventilation

Improve the soil mix

The clay soil causes most of the drainage problems in lawns and gardens. If you have more clay soil in your lawn, the water will stand for about a day after heavy rainfall. Clay is denser than loamy or sandy soil. Therefore, the water takes more time to penetrate the clay soil than other types of soil.

Topdressing the bottom

If the soil in your lawn is too compacted with a lot of clay, you can use ventilation and topdressing. Both aeration and topdressing in combination can greatly improve soil drainage. Make sure you only do it in the warm months. You can also spread plaster of paris to help the water penetrate deeper into the ground.

Underground drains

Creating an underground drain is an easy solution to drainage problems in a lawn. A French drain is the most common underground drain, a ditch filled with gravel and then covered. Another solution to drainage problems is to create a drainage well that allows water to flow anywhere after it rains.

Create a rain garden

Creating a pond in your yard or in a rain garden can be a killer for your drainage problems. It can help collect the excess rainwater and add a new feature to your home garden. However, when you create a pond, you need to regularly clean it and take care of its maintenance.

How to improve drainage in your lawn - rain garden

Mix in the compost

If you have a small, poor drainage area that isn't too strong, you can clear the floor by working with lots of organic matter. Fill in the compost and leave some pores for oxygen. Mix it with slowly draining soil to bind the valuable air pockets. Add 3 to 4 inches of compost every year to improve drainage over time.

Install a drain tile

Digging the ground to install a drainage tile is another solution for a lawn with poor drainage. Although the installation process is labor intensive, it works well to improve drainage. A rain or bog garden near drains may be required. It is best to hire a landscaping professional to install drain tiles as the project requires skills and expertise.

Dry Creek bed

A dry stream bed is a trench that follows the natural fall of a surface or canal. The bed helps control the flow of water and divert it away from low areas of a landscape. The method also helps prevent soil erosion from runoff. The technique is growing in popularity as it provides an interesting element for landscaping with improved drainage.

How to improve drainage in your lawn - dry stream bed

French drain

A French drain is a popular solution for improving drainage in any landscape. This method requires you to dig a trench with a slope of at least 2 to 4 percent for excessive water flow. For example, the slope from the highest to the lowest point must be at least 2 cm. At the bottom of the trench there is a perforated pipe covered with gravel. Mazzegas Landscaping Supplies offers landscaping products and supplies in Perth, Western Australia. They offer a wide range of products such as garden soil, sand, gravel, organic mulch and organic compost in Perth, Australia. If you are in Western Australia you can visit the store in Kelmscott or visit the website to order online. The company has a fleet of vehicles that deliver landscaping assets directly to your landscape.

last words

Drainage is an essential part of landscaping that every landscape owner must consider. If you have poor drainage in your lawn, you can use the tips in this post to improve it. However, before using any of these methods, you must first check the soil mix in your garden. Depending on the structure and mix of your soil, you can use an appropriate method to improve your soil drainage. It is best to contact a landscape designer to inspect your lawn and use the most appropriate method to improve soil drainage.

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