Innovation 101: four Issues You Can Apply Artistic Metalwork To

Architecture, engineering and interior design are not excused for constant change. Many materials, designs and techniques are introduced and adopted by professionals every day, but one thing remains constant – metal. Creative metalwork has become the backbone of the construction and design industries. It's not just the basis of contemporary structures, but how everyone sees and perceives the result of hard work.

Creative metal design and manufacturing include a wide variety of features that can also be performed in different areas such as the architectural body, landscaping, and most importantly, interior design. So let's take a look at some of the most amazing options and how they work in different cases.

Custom metalwork in walls

Whether a customer is a curved interior wall or an exterior, both types can use creative metalwork. One of the reasons a lot of people do this is because creative metalwork on walls means they don't have to worry about the finishes. Have you ever seen a quickly curved wooden wall in a corridor and been fascinated by it? You have been tricked! It's actually made of metal, but is given a wood finish to achieve this style. In addition, the building facades are also made of metal with intricately patterned screens that you normally find in the business district. However, the most modern work for metal walls is stamped aluminum grilles. They shine like beacons at the point where they are placed, regardless of whether it is day or night.

Modern door and window frames

Some of the most regular and popular creative metalwork you'll see anywhere are window and door frames. Regardless of how common they are, there are still ways to make each style different. You can still have the frames adjusted to the interior and exterior aesthetics of your building. This approach works incredibly well in most hotels and commercial buildings. Places where the facade treatment should be as symmetrical as possible.

Interior design

The application of custom metalwork takes enclosed spaces and the field of interior design to a whole new level. This means that the result should complement the overall look and style of the room. Basically, the metal elements shouldn't look strange and match the atmosphere. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can go about this. For example, an interior designer can use creative metalworking to create a custom inlay design for statement walls. Perforated metal grilles are perfect for giving an ambience a semi-transparent character. Aluminum material grids can be used to enhance the appearance of a suspended ceiling design. Indoor art installations can be made in small metal units. You can even use this technique to create a curtain wall as a wall decoration. If you are creative enough, you can make metal wall decors in various shapes to suit your needs.

4 things you can do with Creative Metalworks - table

Landscaping features

Landscaping means in the truest sense of the word creating an ambience that is public in huge urbanized places. Landscape architects have long done a great job showcasing landmarks in different locations to make them easy to remember and accessible to everyone. This is where creative metal processing comes into play. This technique is helpful as there are a number of ways to create beautiful sculptures, outdoor furniture, sheds, and sidewalk elements in public spaces. Exquisite metal artwork can become a landmark in the center of a square. Some arcade columns and light poles may contain perforated screens to enhance the visual experience. For personal items, owners can put down regular fences and replace them with outdoor privacy screens. In fact, custom metalwork can even be used in a popular icon memorial for the public!


With the above points, you can see that creative metal making can be applied to many design options regardless of the type of room. In this article you will find examples and different uses to see how innovative custom metalwork is. Therefore, unleash your creative side and embellish different types of spaces with custom metalwork. The sky is the limit!

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