What you want to learn about your AC system

Summer is just around the corner and you are preparing to beat the heat. It definitely sounds fun racing in the water and flashing and getting drenched in the fun as you kick the ball in the sun. What do you expect when you are done with all the fun and games when you get home? You definitely want to be welcomed into the cool, cool house so that you can get going again the next day.

This is why air conditioning is important to keep you and your home cool and comfortable. Also, summer is not the day for air conditioning problems as it becomes impossible to beat the heat. To help you stay calm and serene during the muggy days, schedule an air conditioning service in Jacksonville, FL before summer starts. One such company that offers exceptional AC services and solutions is Indoor Comfort, which absolutely takes care of all AC needs.

The air conditioner is a composite system that relies on the AC unit, stove, piping system, humidity, air quality and the vents that control the internal temperature of your home. If there is a problem with the air conditioner, it may be due to some problems with one of these components. Repairs and replacements are possible if you participate early, but serious problems if you fail to do so.

Knowing little about your air conditioner is always a good idea. This way you have an idea of ​​the system and can check for problems yourself. Although you need help from the professionals providing the best air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL, knowing your system will help you the long way.


The thermostat regulates the internal temperature of your house. It's a simple process where all you have to do is set the temperature you want and the device will keep your home at the temperature you want. A programmable thermostat is considered to be the best option if you spend most of your time outside your home. That saves energy and money. While a smart thermostat is about additional functions. It examines family activities and adjusts the temperature accordingly. You will always be welcomed in a cool and comfortable home thanks to the thermostat.

Condensation coil

The capacitor coil is located on the outer part of the device. It is designed for small metal slats. The pipes carry the heated refrigerant gas, which flows from the compressor through the condenser coil and gives off the heat. The refrigerant then returns to the evaporator. To ensure that your system is working in the best possible condition, you need to keep the capacitor coil clean. This ensures an even flow of air through the tiny metal fins.


The compressor, along with the A / C contractor, condenser fan, A / C condenser, condenser coil, and other related parts, is attached to the unit that is mounted outside of your home. The compressor takes its place in the device. Its job is to collect heat from the refrigerant and then distribute it to the condenser coil. The refrigerant is a liquid and gas that heats the interior of the house, which then takes on the form of a gas and flows through the compressor. The heat is released here in liquid form and to the outside. It is a very important part of the air conditioner and needs to be kept clean from all kinds of dust and dirt.

What You Need To Know About Your AC System - Windows AC


The evaporator is attached near the furnace. The refrigerant passes from the evaporator through the narrow pipe. It cools the air and directs heat from the house outside to the condenser coil. The high pressure refrigerant gas is converted into a low pressure liquid in the evaporator.

Air handling unit and blower unit

They are the main components that draw air into the system. The warm outside air is distributed through the condenser coil and the cool inside air through the duct system. Few may think that both are the same component, but they are different and perform a different operation. The above five are the main components of the air conditioner. Knowing a little about it will allow you to maintain your system better and more functional.

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