6 widespread pool deck choices

The fun of diving in the pool is achieved through a beautiful, sturdy, and seamless pool deck in Houston. If you think people are only drawn to the cold, refreshing water, this isn't just that. The pool decks create an inviting aesthetic that will make any person relax by the pool. The patterns a deck must have should resonate with the whole mood of summer. Pool deck designs like what is displayed here from https://www.pooldeckinghouston.com/ come in numerous forms.

You can enjoy the advantages of an aesthetic look and a pool deck of the highest quality. It's about choosing the right materials and knowing the standards for outdoor flooring. Let's dive into the different pool deck options that you need to try this 2020.

1- Concrete pool deck

Nothing is more versatile and durable than concrete. Compared to traditional tiles, the concrete foundations of a pool will last longer. Loosening the tiles is a source of accidents at the pool. You don't have that with concrete. It provides a seamless, smooth layer of foundation so you can safely complete every step, every time.

2- rock salt finish

What do you think of when you hear “stones” and “salt”? Apart from the traditional taste of your dishes, think of the source, the sea. Complete your pool experience by bringing in something inspired by the real ocean. A rock salt concrete is a surface that matches the deck of the pool. It creates a distinctive texture and color. The surface looks subtle, almost like a natural stone. This system is inexpensive. The desired effect can be achieved simply by adding rock salt to the poured concrete.

3- wooden decks

If you put a wood pattern around the pool decks, you get a modern, rustic look. Composite materials that are used to make wooden floors have tough and waterproof properties. The wooden boards arranged next to each other form perfect linear angles. This design concept is ideal for outdoor landscapes. It looks simple but stunning.

6 Popular Options for Pool Decks - Wooden Deck

4- Exposed unit deck

The use of exposed aggregates creates a balance between rough, cementitious deck and smooth, clear water in the pool. Also add green space to mix all the elements together. It makes a balanced aesthetic. It looks natural. It also improves waterproofness and slip resistance. An exposed aggregate contains tiny particles of gravel, sand, and tiny pebbles. In some cases, glass particles are also included to create a shimmering effect.

5- stencil decks

One way to add style to a pool deck is with stencils. Before a poured concrete dries, templates are placed that form a specific pattern. The use of stencils offers more design options. It's like stamping, but instead of using stamped stones, paper cut patterns are used to add the design. It creates fine, delicate lines to imitate brick or pavement patterns.

6- Stamped overlays

Stamping is another perfect way to decorate an exterior concrete. This technique is simple and affordable. Once fresh concrete is poured, a stamp is placed over the mix and a pattern appears on the surface. Coatings are primarily made for existing concrete. This also works with new plates. An overlay of a concrete mix layer is added on top to change the design or add a different finish to the concrete deck. This makes the foundations around the pool waterproof, easy to care for and always look polished.

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