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A number of Byron Bay business owners come together to promote environmental awareness, including when we eat.

The Brook Family – Pam, Martin and their sons Will and Eddie from Brookfarm and Cape Byron Distillery as well as Brad Rogers and Jamie Cook, two of the co-founders of Stone & Wood, form "We, the many *".

We, the many *, are starting a new environmental initiative that invests 50% of the profit in climate-positive solutions.

The solutions include regenerative agriculture, wind and solar parks, recycling technology and forest regeneration.

"While all three companies have strong environmental ethics and policies, we wanted to create a movement where climate change is a major driver of business rather than an afterthought," said Will Brook.

We, the Many *, launched an Indiegogo campaign to draw the first line of carbon neutral products – nutrient-rich breakfast cereals formulated from functional ingredients to optimize personal health.

"Indiegogo is offering backers the opportunity to join the ground floor project and make our first climate-positive investment," continues Brook.

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The first line uses prebiotic green banana-resistant starch for gut health, antioxidant-rich beetroot for stain performance, and turmeric with 95% curcumin for anti-inflammatory properties.

"We want to mobilize business to create a commercial solution to a global problem that, over time, can make an even bigger contribution to climate protection projects as it grows."

Click here to view the Indiegogo campaign page.

The article Crunch for a Cause first appeared in Retail World Magazine.

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