How a lot does a yard renovation price?

Not only can this make the exterior of your home more beautiful, but a backyard renovation can add value to your property too. It also adds comfort and satisfaction for the whole family. Even so, many homeowners do not consider renovating, often thinking that it will cost a waterfall in cash. While it can be expensive in some cases, there are many ways you can do it cheaper.

But the question is, how much does a revision cost? Here are a few things to consider.

The lawn

One of the first things you want to add to your garden is a healthy lawn. But how much would it cost? Low quality grass starts at around £ 2 per square meter, while high quality grass can go as high as £ 20. Buying the cheaper strains may be an excellent idea, but they are often high maintenance. If you want to save, look for a good balance between quality and price. For a 50 meter yard, expect about 150 to 250 pounds for the lawn. Often times, traders charge around £ 150 per day to install.

The deck

A backyard makeover isn't complete without a deck. You have several options for decking, each at different prices, with different advantages and disadvantages. Wood is the cheapest, but most types have the least durability. Plastic decks are more expensive, but can withstand weather damage. They don't look like wooden decks, however, especially if you love the look of wooden decks. Finally, you can also choose composite. They are among the most durable, comparable to plastic. In contrast to plastic, however, they look as natural as wood. The only advantage they have is their higher cost. However, you can find and use 4 meter composite decking that is cheaper. As with the lawn installation, if you can build the deck yourself, you save costs. Of course, you need the know-how and the necessary tools for this.

Other soil and lawn options

Aside from decking, you can also consider concrete for your garden. Not only is it great as a flooring, but it also reduces the lawn area, which significantly reduces maintenance and servicing. If you want to convert your lawn to concrete, expect £ 30 to £ 50 per square meter. Other low level alternatives that you can choose are mulch and artificial grass. Mulch can improve the quality of the soil while creating a nice, easy-to-maintain space in your garden. You can use biodegradable materials like newspaper, sawdust, and wood shavings. You can also use easy-to-find materials like gravel and sand. Artificial turf, on the other hand, can be expensive but takes decades and is low maintenance. All three are excellent, low-maintenance alternatives to weed.

How much does a backyard renovation cost - backyard for kids

The garden

Not only can this improve the attractiveness of your home, but it can also have many benefits when you are creating a garden in your yard. For example, you can create a garden with vegetables and usable herbs and spices. To do this, you need to create plant beds. How much it would cost depends on the material used. If you want flowers, you can choose from different types of plants, each in different price ranges. However, when choosing plants, you should opt for long-lived, low-maintenance plants such as perennials. You can also add a tree that can provide shade to your garden. Planting tall trees in specific locations can potentially lower your cooling costs as well. It is so beneficial to add more nature when you are doing your next garden makeover.

The other functions

You may want to add more features and decorations to your garden. You can try water features like fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. The price to install it depends on what type and how big it will be. For example, a pond 2 meters in diameter can cost anywhere from 600 to 750 pounds, including labor and materials. Of course, you can also choose the cheaper DIY route. You can find lots of DIY guides that use simple and recycled materials to build water features. Of course, expect some elbow fat.

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