Whittaker & # 39; s brings again beans-to-bar chocolate

Whittaker brings back a fan favorite, and this time forever.

Whittaker's Wellington Roasted Coffee Supreme Flat White 100g block will be on shelves in New Zealand today October 19th.

This is the first permanent addition to the Whittaker & # 39; s Artisan Collection in over two years.

Whittaker's Wellington Roasted Coffee Supreme Flat White was released in 2019 and was completely sold out.

The block combines a hit from Wellington Roasted Coffee Supreme melted with Whittaker's own smooth white chocolate and replicates a New Zealand Flat White in a chocolate block.

"A good flat white is something so unique to Kiwi that we'd like to celebrate it as a proud New Zealand company, especially when we get the chance to do so with an equally passionate local artisanal coffee brand," said Whittaker's Co-Chief Operating Officer, Holly Whittaker.

“As a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, it is important to us that we work with others who share our commitment to New Zealand and to quality.

"Coffee Supreme is one of New Zealand's original coffee pioneers, and their hands-on approach to picking the best beans and roasting them yourself is similar to our approach at Whittaker."

While the pad is exclusive to New Zealand for launch, it will be on shelves in time to potentially process Christmas parcels being sent to Kiwis across borders.

"We are very excited to share this taste with our chocolate lovers again and to give those who missed the limited edition last year the opportunity to see why it was so popular!" says Mrs. Whittaker.

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