How do you intend a yard campout?

There is nothing like camping in the open air, making a fire and preparing delicious, sweet smells!

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Don't worry if you're not very interested in taking your kids to the nearest woods. Just set up your camp outside in your own yard. That way, if there are problems or you need to use the toilet, you can just use your own. If that sounds like a great idea, you might be wondering how to plan your backyard camp. Here is the team from Canopy tent consultant can really help. In the following blog post you will find numerous tips, hints and advice.

Always take the weather into account

Even if you are not far from the more stable and protective roof over your head that is your own house, you should always consider the weather. The last thing you want is to set up camp and settle in your sleeping bags for the night only to rush back in because it's raining. Even if you manage to set up camp before you get into the downpour.

Review the rules for starting fires

Wherever you go camping, you should be aware of the rules for starting a fire. This also applies if it is only in your garden. For example, if you live in a homeowners association home, neighborhood restrictions may apply, as well as the city or county codes that you must follow. It can mean that you are allowed to have a fire but have to follow certain rules to start one and then put it out as well.

Get the right equipment

For an authentic camping experience, even in the backyard, you need the right equipment. That means, in addition to a tent, you'll need a sleeping bag and maybe even a pillow for anyone who joins you. We consider these to be the basics. In addition to these basics, consider investing in other equipment to invest in (for telling stories around the campfire at night and for nighttime trips to the bathroom).

Food Great food

While food was easily included in the heading above, we thought it was such an important part of the overall camping experience that it needed a sub-heading of its own. The type of food you choose for your back yard camping experience will depend a lot on your own and your child's preferences. However, we recommend purchasing a camping grill or oven so you can make burgers and hot dogs. But as tasty as it sounds, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate are the most important food you need for any camping experience, whether in your back yard or at the foot of the Rocky Mountains smells.

Ideas for campout games and activities

Of course, sleeping outside under the stars is an adventure in itself. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make sure there are some fun games and activities that you can all enjoy. This can be as simple as campfire singalongs and storytelling, or something more elaborate like flashlight hunting, which involves one person hiding something small like a toy or trinket in the back yard and then everyone else trying to find it once it gets dark using their flashlights.

Camping is a lot of family fun, even if you only do it in your yard.

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