Disruptor Laundrapp is refreshing the model by giving up conventional laundry practices

United Kingdom
Laundrapp, the on-demand laundry app, caters to new users by showing off their new brand update, a newly developed app and a new website with an expanded user interface. (For the uninitiated, UX is a tech-speak for "user experience".)

Laundrapp continues to be a disruptive factor in the laundry industry, and this new look, app and website set it apart and introduce a new approach to the tedious laundry problem, says a company spokesman.

The new brand update, app and website have been completely rebuilt and offer a significantly improved user experience. It's now even easier to book contactless pickup and delivery, and the improved driver tracking option leaves more time to focus on the more exciting things in life.

Angela Freeth, Manager of Marketing Campaigns at Laundrapp, says: “After we previewed the new brand in our Mumsnet marketing campaign in the summer, we're rolling it out on all of our platforms. Our technology has always been a key differentiator for us. Now that we've made this even better, we can be agile, which is more important now than ever. We have already improved our driver tracking so consumers can see how close the drivers are and optimized routes to reduce CO2 emissions. "

Describing how Laundrapp has benefited greatly from being part of the Inc & Co corporate collective, Freeth said, “We have worked with the agencies in the group to provide a new and improved user experience. Neon created a new brand that sets us apart in the industry. Cuhu has developed our new website and will keep our new and improved app in the future. "

“With the number of positive coronavirus tests increasing daily and more people needing to self-isolate, Laundrapp is providing an important service as consumers still need to do laundry. Our new high temperature laundry helps destroy germs, and our touchless delivery means we are helping to keep everyone safe at this point. "

Jack Mason, Group CEO at Inc & Co, agrees, saying, “Laundrapp offers excellent service and the new app improves the user experience. I am pleased with encouraging growth across the company, despite difficult times with the coronavirus. "

“Laundrapp fits in well with the other digital companies in the Inc & Co collective, and this project has shown how all digital companies are mutually supportive. The Laundrapp rebranding of Neon and the development of new websites by Cuhu are the perfect example of how this works. "

Laundrapp offers contactless collection and delivery of laundry. The company operates in more than 40 locations in and around London and across the UK, including Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Visit Laundrapp for more information.

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