Is bamboo mattress the way forward for sleep?

In this day and age we are surrounded by the latest technology. From our cars to our phones to the way we interact with each other, it's always cool to see what's next on the horizon. We spend a large part of our lives sleeping. Why don't we ask about the future of our bed linen?

With new ways to improve our lives opening up every year, it's no surprise that bedding is on this list too. Why exactly is bamboo bedding the future? Does it really offer a cooler, healthier way to sleep? All of that and more in this article. For airy bamboo blankets and duvets of various sizes, you should definitely try out Lasuens.

A cooler sleeping experience

We all know the feeling of staying in a new place and crawling into bed only to find that the comforters are way too warm. It's hard to find a way to get a good night's sleep when you're lying between beds that feel too bulky and too hot.

Comforters are traditionally filled with down, wool or even silk. While this works fine, they can often be too warm for many people. Here you can choose between cool bamboo plates and more traditional offers. If you opt for cool sheets or a light bamboo blanket, you benefit from all the advantages of high-quality bed linen with a more airy sleep feeling.

The secret of the light, cooler profile lies in the name. It's all about the bamboo. As mentioned earlier, traditional duvets use heavier, heat-retaining materials such as cotton or down. Bamboo fibers are not only lighter, but also stronger and more breathable than conventional offers.

A more durable, healthier approach to bedding

In addition to comfort and temperature advantages, bamboo bedding offers a number of other surprising advantages. For example, if you have a cotton duvet, it will likely need to be replaced within 5 years of use. In contrast, the durability of bamboo bedding means a lifespan of more than 15 years. Not a bad lifespan!

Is bamboo bedding the future of sleep - bamboo bedding

While durability is important, nothing is more important than your health. Surprisingly, bamboo bedding is preferable for allergy sufferers due to a natural antimicrobial agent in the plant. This is a big advantage over traditional bedding because with bamboo you don't have to worry about allergens or bacteria getting into your bedding.

It is alarming that more traditional materials like cotton are treated with large amounts of pesticides as they grow, while the natural antimicrobial properties of bamboo don't require the use of pesticides. Would you prefer to have pesticide-treated or pesticide-free material in your bedding?

The last word

It is clear that bamboo bedding not only offers a cooler and more airy sleeping experience, but also a more durable alternative to traditional comforters and sheets. If a regular sheet or duvet can only last 5 years, the durability of bamboo means it can last more than 15 years. Bamboo bedding also offers a surprising amount of health benefits over more traditional bedding.

While we haven't covered all of the benefits of bamboo bedding in this article, it is clear that bamboo bedding is the future of sleep. From durability to hypoallergenic nature, traditional bedding just can't be compared. While we're all looking forward to the next best thing, the future is already here with bamboo beds.

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