Coles Unveils Worth the Australian Manner Marketing campaign

Coles Appreciate the Australian Way – Sunset BBQ (Custom)

"Value the Australian Way" is Coles' latest campaign that positions the organization in the heart of the nation.

It presents them as proudly supporting team members, community partners, suppliers and millions of everyday Australian shoppers.

Coles did an Australian kitchen census to find out what Australians value most when it comes to cooking and sharing a meal.

Census highlights are:

  • 42% of customers say childhood memories of food play an important role in today's cuisine.
  • 35% say that animal welfare is extremely important to them when buying meat.
  • 65% of customers say that responsible sourcing is important to them.
  • 60% value the time they spend with family and friends more than it did six months ago.
  • 65% agree that they are much more adventurous with eating than their parents.
  • 28% agree that it is important that their partner is a good cook.

“Our goal is to feed all Australians sustainably so we understand the role food plays in our lives – and when it comes to how we shop, cook and eat, our new Value the Australian Way campaign celebrates our past and future "Says Cole's chief marketing officer, Lisa Ronson.

Media advertising

New ads include a reinterpretation of Missy Higgins' 2009 "Feel Like Going Back Home" shot specifically for the campaign. The recording will take place between Missy Higgins, Dingo Spender and the current singer of Yothu Yindi, Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu.

"It's great to see how diverse and comprehensive it is," says Ms. Higgins.

"It's also great to see Cole's great support for indigenous Australian talents like Stephen Pigram, who wrote this tune, and Yirrŋa Yunupi ,u, who I duetted with on the track."

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