three Dwelling Workplace Lighting Developments That Will Enhance Productiveness

More of us are working from home than ever before. And that posed challenges for those of us who are used to working in the office!

With the TV around the corner, the kitchen full of snacks, and your comfy bed just steps away, maintaining your previous productivity can be difficult. However, there are a few ways you can make your home office more productive without adding a cubicle. Lighting plays a huge role in your clarity, focus, and productivity. Certain lighting can make you tired. Other lighting promotes vigilance. And some can even inspire you to come up with this advertising worthy big idea. It's time to get rid of that old desk lamp and upgrade your home office with the following lighting trends. They are guaranteed to give your productivity a big boost.

Limit your natural light

The home office design of the past included natural light as a productivity booster and mood-enhancer. And now a lot of homers are doing the same thing. What could be nicer than working at the window and letting the rays of the sun type on your keyboard? While this sounds like a great way to work, it can affect your productivity.

Retro home office design didn't go wrong. However, computers (and their effects on our eyes) were not considered. Our computer screens are not as powerful as sunlight. Therefore, their automated brightness detectors compensate for natural light by increasing the brightness to full power. You may not notice when your computer does this, but your eyes need a lot more work. This can lead to fatigue pretty quickly. When working on a computer, limit the natural light in your home office and replace it with artificial light that mimics natural light (like the next trend on this list!). This way you can enjoy the mood boost of natural light without straining your eyes.

Inspire with floating lights

New ideas inspire great breakthroughs. And there's no trend to keep the lighting up to date other than floating lights. These fascinating light bulbs float freely in the air with the help of electromagnets. It's not a gimmick or a trick of the eye – it's real levitation. Our favorite of these new innovations is called Volta. It's a beautiful floating lightbulb made from real mahogany wood. Volta is powered by magnetic induction with wireless electricity – a really forward-looking trend for your home. It has a professional feel that is perfect for a home office and it gives off a precise color temperature that relieves stress and improves focus. Volta is designed to inspire, impress and increase productivity in any setting. The constantly floating light bulb embodies novel ideas and hard work. And the natural light is easy on the eyes. Volta is both attractive and practical. It fits easily on a desk and can be switched on with the push of a button on the base. Thanks to its powerful electromagnets, its floating force lasts forever. And the reinforced light bulb contains LED lights with a lifespan of more than 20 years. Perhaps the best thing about Volta is that you instantly make an impression when you walk back to the office. Which customer or boss would forget a desk light floating in the air? The big Volta launch is just around the corner, but you can get yours now for 33% off during the limited launch sale.

Switch to LED lighting

Normal office lighting is terrible. It has even been found to increase fatigue and irritability. And your home office lighting probably isn't much better. LED lighting is a better way to light up your home office. Not only is it more energy efficient and durable than traditional lighting, it can also increase your productivity. LEDs have the advantage of being bright but not overwhelming. They are one of the substitutes for natural sunlight, so you can enjoy the warm feeling of the sun without tiring your eyes.

With LED lighting, too, you have a number of style options:

  • LED lamps (like Volta above) are simple and affordable
  • LED track lighting is easy to install practically anywhere
  • LED tube lights can replace awful fluorescent lights
  • LED wall lights connect instantly and provide instant positive energy

If you're looking for more productivity and high design, add an LED pendant light to give your home office a start-up feeling in Silicon Valley.

Light up your productivity

Whether you enjoy working from home or hate it, you have to admit that getting your job done can be difficult at times (TV calls on during the day …) Fortunately, something as simple as changing a lightbulb can increase your productivity and improve your mood all day. Remember to limit the amount of natural light that can be drawn while using your computer. Save the sun for your breaks and lunch breaks. Take an LED lamp like Volta to break the cycle of irritating lighting and inspire you to work harder and smarter.

Increasing your productivity can be as easy as flipping a switch!

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