Robert Timms' home conducts a espresso style take a look at

The passionate team at The House of Robert Timms excitedly announced their last big win.

Worldwide barista judge Justin Metcalf conducted an instant coffee tasting rating for "A Current Affair". Mr. Metcalf selected The House of Robert Timms' freeze-dried coffee series as the overall winner.

"We are very pleased about this recognition and are proud that our very competent team has brought this product to market," says Karen de Leeuw, Business Director at The House of Robert Timms.

The range includes: "… quality products such as granulated instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, whole beans, ground coffee and coffee bags."

House of Robert Timms' Café Series Freeze Dried Coffee is available from Coles and has an MSRP of $ 7.95.

You can find more information about their products at

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