A 5-step information to adorning your house from scratch

Decorating your home the way you want is more than just design – oh, the possibilities!

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Usually the decorating process starts well until panic occurs and things go south. Maybe you want to achieve a Scandi-minimalist vibe that blends in, or a vibrant bohemian aesthetic that doesn't seem out of place. The fulfillment of your desires depends on how you approach your condominium decorating process. We list five fail-safe steps to decorate your home the way you want it. So here are the tips:

Step 1: determine your design style

It is important that you understand your style preferences before deciding on the furniture. Are you more drawn to the modern peasant vibe or the Scandinavian aesthetic? Let your imagination run wild – until you are sure of a topic for your room, keep browsing Pinterest or your favorite home decor magazines. Another good idea is to bring elements from multiple design styles together in one place, provided that they add to the aesthetic.

Step 2: find your focus

Your new space will jump off the point – this comes after you figure out your design style. Is there a beautiful historic fireplace in your apartment? Or is there an emerald green sofa? How about a patterned feature wall? When it comes to smaller apartments like open concept condos, it is very important to create the centerpiece of your space. It's visible from different angles and can speak volumes about your color scheme and overall furniture layout.

Step 3: think in sections

List different zones in your home – work area, kitchen, bedroom, entryway, living room, etc. Then decide on the different parts you need for each zone – from appliances to furniture. If any part of your current inventory meets your design needs, add it. For the rest, visit your favorite design stores to make the selection. When you invest in furniture, make a list of different options available at different prices. Spend time browsing options. This will make the buying process worthwhile for you.

Step 4: plant it out

Now that you've made the list, it's time to refine it by taking measurements to see if the items you selected would realistically fit your home. Make sure your condo space doesn't look crowded. For example, opt for a charming love seat that takes up less space than a large closet that looks out of place. Also, avoid unnecessary purchases. You don't need a media stand if you're not a big TV viewer. Also, don't forget to take advantage of the technology. There are utility apps that can virtually assist you in designing your room. Once the plan is finalized and the furniture orders placed, it's time to bring the look together.

Step 5: be patient

Designing and decorating your home doesn't take place in a day. Avoid ordering the entire furniture collection at once just because you can't wait for something to happen. First, try to stick to the essentials. You can also make smart choices in furniture purchases. For example, you can do without the usual bed and work to save space Murphy beds. The point is, the most attractive condos are those that maintain an authentic feel while still reflecting your personality. On an inconspicuous Sunday, find a deal in local design boutiques or find items that appeal to you on your next trip abroad. You will fall in love with your place every time you look at it.


With the right investment and the tips mentioned in this article, you can turn your simple apartment into glamorous heaven. Add a nifty touch to your condo decor project with the 5 step plan we shared with you.

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