TRSA's digital advertising and gross sales summit guarantees most engagement

TRSA operator members and associated supplier partners will benefit equally from the content offered at TRSA's Virtual Marketing & Sales Summit from November 17-18, which will air between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on both days.

The online event will ask and answer questions such as: B. how customers have changed as a result of the pandemic and how this affects the plans for 2021. How do marketing and sales professionals need to change to meet expectations in the toughest business environment in modern history? TRSA encourages its members to listen to keynote speaker David Avrin and use his customer service concepts as a useful marketing tool.

The energetic and entertaining keynote from Avrin shows how a customer experience really is a new competitive advantage. Forbes recently named its latest book "Why Customers Go (And How To Win Back)" one of the "7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Must Read" and one of the "Top Ten Business Books of the Year (2019)" opportunity to win a copy of this book during the various interactive spots during the two-day summit.

The Virtual Marketing & Sales Summit offers a unique, participant-oriented agenda. Clean the lens of your webcam and turn on your microphone, TRSA prompts. In addition to Avrin's keynote, members can prepare for general sessions with relieved outbursts:

  • Presentation of the campaign to raise awareness of restaurant safety and consumer hygiene
  • Participant selection session: You choose topics
  • Opportunities and challenges in the face of a crisis
  • Marketing and Sales Committee survey results (Fall 2020 survey)
  • Video Stars: Tips and Tactics for Creating Great Marketing Videos (Presented by the Four TRSA Video Contest Finalists)
  • Discuss the panels for interactive leaders, including these panelists:
    • Ryan Flaherty, vice president, sales, marketing, and business development, Aramark Uniform & Career Apparel
    • Mark Rue, Sales and Marketing Director at Johnsons Apparelmaster
    • Tim Topornicki, President of Topper Linen Supply Ltd.
    • Darryl Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Design at Laundau Uniforms Inc.

In addition, on November 18, the summit attendees will vote on the winner of TRSA's first marketing and sales video competition!

Group pricing is new for this virtual event. Operator members and associated supplier partners can register individually for the early price of 349 USD. Corporate teams are encouraged, however, and we are offering our first group pricing. Register up to five on your team for one great price totaling $ 549! If you want to bring more than five, inquire about prices! All group registrations can be processed via

At you can view the full brochure, find out about updates to the agenda and register for this virtual event.

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