eight simple methods to make your hallway look costlier

Hallways are one of the first things a guest sees when they walk through your door. Make them look impressive!

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Our hallways are the first thing we see when we walk into our homes. You are the last thing we see when we close the door. We keep important things like coats, shoes, bags and keys in the hall, yet we hardly pay attention to them. You could spend time and money on other areas of your home and still see this important space as little more than a garbage dump, especially if you have a busy family that is always in and out. Your hallway doesn't just welcome you home, however. It also gives visitors – and even people looking in from your front door – their first impressions of your home, and as we know, it can be difficult to recover from bad first impressions. Making your hallway look more expensive can help you make a better first impression and welcome yourself and other members of your household in a more luxurious way. After you've tidied up and added coat hooks and shoe racks, here are eight of the best ways to make your hallway look more expensive.

Start at the door

Your door is your first chance to make a statement. You hardly pay any attention to it, but you use it every time you go in or out of your house. You can see it from the hall, and passers-by can see it from the curb. A great front door, both inside and out, can make your entire home more attractive and interesting. If your front door is currently the same as every other house on your street, it's time to make changes. Think color, consider a vintage door, or try a completely different design with unique elements. Then keep it clean.

Create an instruction staircase

There is a door at one end of your hallway, and there is usually a staircase at the other end (or one side). Your stairs are not just a way to get up the stairs. It takes up a large part of your home and is the perfect place to add some glamor and luxury. Given that most stairs are similar, it's a great way to stand out and make an impression. Think of spiral staircases with an impressive balustrade. Use tiles instead of carpets and even add fun wallpapers on the sides of the steps to create pictures when you look head-on. If you're looking to add a new staircase to your home, you've come to the right place at Majestic Stairs. Majestic Stairs can adapt new stairs to your home and furnishings and add a little bit of luxury to your home at a reasonable cost without disrupting your life too much.

Add plants and flowers to your decor

Plants and flowers are one of the cheapest ways to make your hallway look more expensive. Add houseplants and large potted plants to your hallway, and buy fresh flowers for shelves and sideboards.

Use shelves

Hallways can get messy easily. If you have the habit of just throwing your bag and coat away when you get in, adding shelves will help you equip it but also tidy up the hall much easier.

Use mirrors to open up the space

If you have a wide hallway, you can add shelves, shoe racks, hooks, and large plant pots while still having an open and airy space. However, if your hall is relatively narrow, adding furniture and accessories can make the space feel very closed and small, which never looks expensive. Using bright colors on your floor and walls with pops of color in your accessories works well, but well-positioned large mirrors, especially near your door and windows to reflect light, can help too.

Don't be afraid to add personality

When trying to make a room look more expensive, we often avoid taking risks. We're sticking to classic designs and copying things we've seen on Instagram. Adding personality helps your hall become unique and interesting, which in turn looks expensive. Add photos in frames, artwork that you like, accessories and colors that make you happy.

Use lights to create drama

If you are concerned that your hallway will get boring, add lighting. A large ceiling light can be a central element, and lamps can help you create the mood and atmosphere.

Avoid overcrowding

Trying to do anything can be a mistake. If your hallway is tiny and you try to add too much to the walls yourself, it can lead to overcrowding. Choose the parts carefully, take care of the storage, and make sure things are effectively tidied up.

A tidy and attractive hallway offers many advantages and is often not that difficult to get to. A few small changes can make a big difference.

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