four the explanation why it is best to NOT do your personal tinkering when putting in photo voltaic panels

Given the current climate issues, many people are switching to solar panels to power their homes. This way, not only can you save money in the form of energy bills, but you can also feel good knowing that you are helping the environment. However, when installing these panels, this can be extremely difficult.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn't tinker with installing solar panels yourself.

1. Risks and high tension

Trying to install solar panels yourself can be dangerous or even fatal if not done correctly. It is nowhere near as easy to attach a device to the wall. The first thing associated with the installation is climbing the roof and finding an acceptable place to put the slab. Even if you are able to, the panels have high voltage cables which, if improperly performed, can cause serious damage to you and your home.

States like Oregon are beginning to switch and are realizing the benefits of this type of energy, but are also aware of the risks. Because of this, Oregon has many certified solar installers who can do this for you. Don't risk harming your own home and the people you love. Let a team help you and install the solar panels for you.

2. Permits

Contrary to what people think, you can't just get on your roof and knock some solar panels on it. There are many different permits and compliance issues that you need to make sure you follow in your city. This changes depending on where you live. However, you need to make sure that you are not breaking any law when installing your panel. A service team ensures that everything is carried out within the framework of the legal requirements, so that you can relax during the entire process.

3. You may not know where to put it

The position and angle at which you place solar panels play a big role in how efficiently your home is powered. If you don't know a lot about placement, you can put them in a position where you end up getting little to no energy from them. There are experts out there who take the time to look at your home and find the best spot for them so you get the most bang for your buck.

4 reasons why you should NOT tinker with installing solar panels yourself - installation

4. You could void your warranty

Like any product, solar panels have a guarantee in the event that they break or do not perform as they should. However, if you install them yourself, there's a good chance you've done something that would have already voided your warranty. This means you could potentially toss thousands of dollars down the drain to save a few dollars on installation.

Getting something done by yourself is always something you should be proud of. However, you should also know if something is outside of your wheelhouse. Solar panels are one of the areas that you shouldn't try yourself. Put together a team of experts and let them do all the work for you.

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